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Taller Swimwear for Taller People From SeaSpray

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Seaspray is a designer of swimwear and is a very fast growing one regarding their popularity.

Modern swimwear design, whether fashion or essential ranges are broadly separated into two categories. Those that offer shaping and control, or those that provide none.

There are very few designers that offer shaping as well as other elements that take into account the wearer’s size and shape.

Seaspray is one of the few brands that do, as they offer items that are both shapewear and are designed for taller women. They also have designs that are solely for taller women, and not for control at all.

This is a big gap in the market that Seaspray has attempted to fill. Many swimwear retailers feel that this area is not adequately dealt with and very few designers provide items of swimwear for taller women.

Several retailers such as UK Swimwear, the UK’s largest online specialist retailer for beachwear and swimwear, have expressed a wish to move beyond regular conventional swimwear and even beyond plus sized swimwear as the only options available for people.

An informal survey or headcount of most large retailers specialising in swimwear will show that the only fit and shape-based designers represented are ones that produce plus-sized swimwear.

Now, this is changing. The average height of people is increasing in the Western world, and taller women are not being catered for when each year they are more and more of the population.

Seaspray is the very best brand for this type of swimwear, and offer shaping items too, to make them even more attractive to the consumer.

Seaspray also offers fashion items and are great for everyday wear too. If you are a taller woman, then this is the brand for you, no matter the time or place.

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