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Premier League Walk Of London

re wire

Saturday 21st November will see Jake Campling begin his mammoth 52 mile sponsored charity walk where he will walk around all the Premier League grounds in London.

In 2011 Jake’s mum Marjie ended up being rushed to hospital after suffering a brain haemorrhage from a ruptured aneurysm.

Marjie who is doing well now said at that moment in time “The impact for me and my family was colossal, my whole world just crashed around me, my consultant and GP were passing the buck to each other and I was left by the NHS with no real support or help. My boys though, they were amazing and really helped me get over the whole ordeal.”

It is to that end that Marjie decided after her on-going recovery that she really wanted to help those who are now in similar situations and started up her charity Re-Wire.

Marjie said: “ The impact on survivors and their families is colossal, and 9 times out of 10 they are just left to it. I wanted to do something for other brain injury survivors. I really wanted to do something worthwhile that will help ease the impact on others. If I can change that for some people then everything will be so worthwhile. This charity provides one to one support to brain injury survivors.”

Re-Wire provides tailor-made one to one support with a support coach for people who have suffered a brain injury. The impact on the lives of survivors and their families can be colossal. They need support and understanding. Their aim is to help ease that impact.

So tomorrow Saturday 21st November 2020, Jake will be undertaking the 52 mile walk around all the Premier League Football clubs in London.

If you would like to show support for Jake and the charity Re-Wire you can do so by sponsoring him at his JustGiving Page

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