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PXG Battle Ready II Putters

pxg battle ready II putters

New PXG® Battle Ready® II Putters present game-changing technological advancements inspired by PXG’s iconic 0311® Irons.

Engineered to deliver outstanding consistency across the face and a phenomenal feel through impact, the new milled nine-putter series offers a clubhead design and custom configuration to suit every stroke. 

“We are always learning and improving,” said PXG Founder & CEO Bob Parsons. “Battle Ready II Putters are another clear example of our unwavering commitment to advancing technology to produce noticeably better performance.

From consistency across the face to the feel at impact, these putters deliver in spades – and the new platinum finish is absolutely gorgeous.”

When PXG revealed its marquee irons in 2015, the proprietary injection-molded, hollow body design made an indelible mark as a golf industry first.

The technology not only enabled PXG to deliver an unmatched feel at impact, but it also supported the introduction of an ultra-thin face which enhanced forgiveness and produced increased distance.

This innovative manufacturing technique and material enhancements continue to power PXG’s irons today. 

Based on learnings over the years, PXG engineers determined that a similar approach would produce notable performance enhancements in the putter category.

Traditional solid body putters have unwanted mass near the centre of gravity (CG), which limits the moment of inertia (MOI).

With the introduction of a thin-walled hollow body, PXG Battle Ready II Putter’s reposition mass to the putter’s extreme perimeter, yielding a high MOI (~10% higher compared to the previous series) relative to the clubhead size. 

New S COR™ Technology, an extremely lightweight polymer, is injection molded into the hollow cavity. The material bonds to the face to dampen the sound and any harsh vibrations through impact.

The structural support provided by the S COR material enables PXG to deliver golf’s thinnest putter face, 0.055″. This is advantageous to golfers because it dramatically enhances the forgiveness of the clubhead. 

PXG Battle Ready II Putters also feature a Pyramid Face Pattern. The aggressively milled pattern creates the soft sounds of an insert putter while maintaining the responsive feel of a solid, milled putter.

The pyramid density supports consistent interaction with golf ball dimples, while the pyramid geometry delivers a satisfying sound.

Precision Weighting Technology is employed in the sole to dial in each putter further. Weighting is used by club fitters and consumers to alter the overall clubhead mass and to influence launch conditions.

Players who typically pull putts may benefit from adding heavier weights to the toe side of the putter, making it more difficult to close the face at impact.

Players who typically push putts may benefit from adding heavier weights to the heel side of the putter, making it easier to close the face.

Battle Ready II Putters support four hosel configurations to suit any stroke – plumber’s neck, double bend, heel shafted, and armlock. Select models also offer a center shafted option.

The overall system – S COR Technology, ultra-thin face, Pyramid Face Pattern, Precision Weighting, and hosel option – reduces skid distance and creates optimal roll performance so golfers can achieve more consistency on the green. 

PXG Battle Ready II Putters are available in nine unique designs in a platinum finish with black accents:

  • Blade Style Putters: Dagger +®, Brandon®, Mustang®, Closer®, HerculesTM
  • Mallet: Bat Attack®, One & Done®, Blackjack®, ApacheTM

All PXG Battle Ready II Putters feature PXG’s iconic Darkness® Insignia – a skull with the number 26 – a nod to Bob Parsons’ service with the 26th Marine Corps Regiment during the Vietnam War.  

Additional customization is available with PXG’s new collection of putter grips that accommodate a wide range of putting preferences and styles.

The new grips feature a polyurethane wrap around an injection-moulded lightweight ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam core. The polyurethane wrap has an “X” pattern that improves texture and feel.

The new PXG Pistol Series, which includes three options, varies the shape and profile while keeping a similar overall weight and size. The PXG Straight Series offers four styles with a consistent shape but varying overall weight and size. 

The entire Battle Ready II Putter lineup is now available for $389.99 per club, plus $10.00 with one of the new upgraded PXG grip options. For more information or to book a putter fitting, visit