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IN REVIEW: The Pulseball Vibrating Massage Ball


Pulseroll have been making vibrating foam rollers a while now – basically upgraded versions of traditional foam rollers (those stiff, knobbly foam cylinders people use to deep-massage their own muscles, by ‘rolling’ over them, to relieve muscle knots and soreness, and aid recovery post-workout), with motors inside them to make them vibrate.

The vibrating motion, they say, means the foam roller works its magic more quickly, helping to improve circulation and flush away lactic acid – effectively meaning speedier recovery and less tenderness and tension after a gruelling training sesh – so you don’t have to spend so long on the job.

One of the latest additions to the line-up is the Pulseball Vibrating Massage Ball. We gave it a go…


It features the same vibrating technology as Pulseroll’s foam rollers, but this, as the name suggests, is more ball-shaped. Well actually, it’s more like two balls joined together, sort of like a little dumbbell.

The idea is, you can use it on all those tighter nooks and crannies, such as around your neck and shoulders.

Designed to be portable and lightweight, it comes with a three-hour rechargeable battery and has four speed settings, depending on how vigorous a vibration you want. Available in black, red, purple and limited-edition pink.


Compact, easy to use and versatile enough for a bit of DIY deep-tissue work, or a soothing massage. It’s a thumbs up from us.

Pulseball Vibrating Massage Ball, £89.99–£99.99,

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