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Prepare Your Mind, Body And Soul Ready For Summer

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Summer is soon approaching but modern life is stressful and we’re all juggling a lot.

We’ve rounded up some top picks to bring you out of hibernation and prepare you to spring into summer!

Good weather makes us feel more inspired, creative and daring

Stay Hydrated

During warmer days, drinking plenty of water is really important.  There are plenty of foods with a high water content that can be easily included in our diet. From watermelon to cucumber, fresh and delicious seasonal produce offers us countless benefits.

Ditch Dieting

Most of us feel like we have some pounds to lose, perhaps you have a wedding coming up or a sunny holiday? In fact, new research commissioned by Pro-Ven Probiotics questioned 2,003 respondents throughout the UK and found that over three quarters (79%) of Brits are self-conscious about their waist, stomach and abs – with almost all of those struggling to lose weight in those areas (90% waist and 89% stomach and abs).

We’ve all been there, that feeling of worry that you aren’t going to feel your best at what should be a joyous occasion! Introducing ShapeLine, the first probiotic with proven weight loss benefits.

In the largest clinical study of its kind on the effect of probiotics on weight loss, participants of all ages saw a reduction in their weight, waist circumference and BMI after taking one Pro-Ven Probiotics ShapeLine capsule every day, for six months.

This probiotic provided weight loss of between 3 and 7lbs, reduction in waist circumference of 1-2 cm and a reduction in BMI by 1-4%. The results are even more impressive as participants were not placed on a calorie controlled diet and made no changes to lifestyle or exercise regimes, indicating that all of the weight reduction benefits were as a result of the probiotic.

In an era where it seems the majority of people are battling their weight in one way or another, the news that ShapeLine (£29.95) can help achieve weight loss, as well as providing all other benefits of good bacteria, whilst requiring no other changes to lifestyle, will be welcome news to many people.

Try Something New

Good weather makes us feel more inspired, creative and daring. It’s a good idea to track your progress when starting a new activity or challenge, so you are encouraged as you start to reach your goals.  Whether you’re trying to reach a new fitness goal or pushing to overcome fears, it’s a great way to stay motivated and focused.

Reach for Oats

Breakfast is commonly recognised as the most important meal of the day and so it is crucial you’re eating the right thing in the morning.

Whereas most cereals and granola will contain copious amounts of sugar, porridge is full of wholegrain goodness that will set you up for the day; Nairn’s Gluten Free Scottish Porridge Oats (RRP £2.00, available at Sainsbury’s) contain nothing but wholegrain oats for a tasty and wholesome breakfast choice.

Get Productive Rest

The UK’s Leading Burnout Coach, Rosie Millen specialises in burnout and helping others transform their energy by making changes to their diet, lifestyle and mindset. She recommends including some productive rest into your day.

“This is something I encourage my clients to do everyday: For 10 minutes in the morning or in the evening take yourself away and lie down to do some deep breathing and switch off your mind. Our minds are constantly busy and naturally tend to overthink. By taking 10 each day and just breathing out slowly it actually lowers the stress hormone cortisol.”

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