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Outdoor Sport Based On Your Personality

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As the weather brightens and Covid-related restrictions ease in some areas, many of us are looking forward to getting back into outdoor sports.

If you live in Scotland, England or Wales, you’re now able to enjoy outdoor sport facilities, including tennis courts and golf courses, and Northern Ireland is set to follow suit on April 1 (the Republic of Ireland is yet to announce outdoor sports plans).

It’s good news for anyone bored of doing countless burpees in their front room. Restrictions allowing, outdoor sports are the perfect way to mix up your workout, giving you the opportunity to socialise with friends while getting some fresh air.

If you’re looking to take up a new sport this spring but don’t know where to begin, it might be worth picking an activity based on your personality type…

Competitive: Tennis

Tennis is perfect for anyone who loves a challenge. Although not the easiest sport to master, it’s certainly addictive – it’s hard to pick up a racket without wanting to practice your volleys enough to make Serena Williams proud.

Not only do you have to be competitive on the court, but you’ll also have to be equally cut-throat to actually secure a booking at your local facility.

An alternative to Tennis is Padel, Padel is one of the fastest-growing racket sports in the UK and its success can be down to the fact that the game is easy to play and is even more simple if you are familiar with other racket sports like tennis and squash.

Padel is a sport that is not too difficult to grasp and the rules can be learned in an hour or so of playing the game, the simplicity of padel makes it great for all. Find out where the best Padel courts in the UK are located.  

Sociable: Football

Kicking a football around is the ideal way to catch up with friends while getting a bit of a sweat on. Yes, you’ll run around a fair bit, but there are also plenty of opportunities to chat with your mates.

Relaxed: Golf

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Looking for an outdoor sport that doesn’t require hours of running about? Golf could be the answer.

Walking around a picturesque course is certainly more laid back than dashing around a tennis court, but don’t be fooled: you’ll end up getting plenty of steps in and will have a decent workout – particularly if you carry your own clubs.

Quirky: Frisbee

If all of these other sports seem a bit too mainstream for you, why not pick up a frisbee? It can be played with any number of people (restrictions allowing), improves your hand-eye coordination and is a whole lot of fun.

Plus, with a bit of practise you’ll be able to show off some seriously cool tricks.

Focused: Swimming

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If you’re focused and determined, it’s worth seeing if outdoor pools have opened up near you. Ideal for those who want to exercise outdoors, but aren’t necessarily craving social interaction.

Fun-loving: Rounders

There’s no doubt about it: rounders offers a good time. You’ll need fairly good hand-eye coordination to hit the ball and you’ll have to do a bit of running, but it’s also a sport you can do with a beer waiting for you on the side.

Adventurous: Basketball

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Unlike America, basketball isn’t such a big deal in the UK and Ireland, so chances are you didn’t grow up playing the sport. But if you have an adventurous spirit and are looking to try something new, it could be time to channel Michael Jordan on the court.

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