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Don’t Stress! Social Media Stars On A Mission To Help Nation Battle Stress And Anxiety

Co Founder Oli White scaled

Social media stars Oli White and Evie Mercer launch wellbeing brand, UNIQUE CBD their aim is to help others in battling stress and anxiety, and getting their confidence back.

Oli decided to launch the luxury CBD brand with partner and fellow influencer, Evie Marcer, following a shared personal battle with anxiety caused by their demanding online presence and pressures of everyday life.

Anxiety levels in the UK have doubled since the Covid-19 pandemic began and subsequently the cannabidiol market has boomed with the nation looking for ways to cope with rising levels of stress and anxiety. 

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, although it does not contain psychotropic compounds – a common misconception. What was once somewhat of an unknown entity, CBD is quickly becoming a household UK item whether it be through CBD infused drinks, sweets or even beauty products.

Oli was made aware of CBD by his mother, Sally, who used the compound having successfully beaten breast cancer. The gruelling experience, operations and medications left his mother with anxiety, sleep issues and a huge dip in self-confidence so she took to CBD in an attempt to rectify the situation.

Oli White, UNIQUE CBD Co-founder, said: “Battling breast cancer left my Mum suffering from anxiety, a lack of sleep and low, if any self-confidence. It was horrible to see from such a wonderful and inspirational woman. Thankfully she was introduced to CBD to help with the knock-on effects of her battle. We all noticed the difference, none more so than she did. She really believes it helped her with the mental side of her recovery.”

Struggling to find a high-end brand and product that had the desired effect and that they believed in, the trio realised a huge gap in the market – a high quality and trustworthy product.

Oli continued: “After years of sustaining an active presence online, me and Evie experienced our own personal struggles too with anxiety, stress and sleep – so my mum recommended we try CBD. It was then that we realised that finding an honest, high quality and trustworthy product in the UK was extremely challenging. Many available options are highly misleading with very little information at all about the product’s ingredients and origin. Some even contain THC when they say they don’t.

We eventually decided to design our own oil formulation for personal use, under the direction of a leading neuroscientist. It then became quickly evident to us that we had created a very special product and soon after, UNIQUE CBD was born.”

Co-Founder, Evie Marcer, discovered CBD oil as she battled anxiety and confidence issues

Transparency and honesty are at the heart of UNIQUE CBD whilst both Oli and Evie aim to educate the nation on the products’ benefits. The pair is providing ongoing educational content surrounding the virtue of CBD, and hope to help people in their quest to improve their health and wellbeing whilst breaking away from the negative stigma that is sometimes associated with the industry as a result of less honest brands. 

The brand launches with custom CBD oil formula ‘Day Drops’ – a naturally peppermint flavoured oil offering created by Oli, Evie and experienced neuroscientists. The range is also gluten-free, cruelty free, vegan-friendly and completely free from THC, meaning users can be fully confident that they will experience absolutely no psychotropic effects.

Products available:

  • 3ML, 150g strength Day Drops £19
  • 10ML, 500mg strength Day Drops £55
  • 30ML, 1500mg strength Day Drops £120

UNIQUE CBD is also committed to giving back to the planet – partnering with environmental charity Ecologi which tackles climate change by planting trees to help create resilient, healthy forests that are crucial to sustain the ecosystem. 

To order UNIQUE CBD, learn more about the products or for more information, please visit: