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New Balance Reveals Golden 442v2 Boot

New Balance 442v2 Gold 7

New Balance has unveiled its next-generation 442 leather football boot, in a limited-edition gilded design.

Crafted for players that pursue quality and excellence, the 442v2 is the brand’s most timeless boot to date, introduced in a stunning gold shade with black accents for a flawless finish.

Featuring traditional construction and luxury leather materials for a premium feel, the new 442 provides unparalleled comfort and definitive lock-in.


  • Uncompromised Quality
    The highest quality K-leather vamp crafted for comfort and unparalleled comfort
  • Seek Excellence
    Achieve technical excellence in comfort with the Elite Pro soleplate
  • Crafted for Comfort                                                                                                  
    Pod cushion technology provides effortless comfort and definitive lock-in for stability

The New Balance 442v2Gold is on sale now and will be available worldwide from selected retailers and online at (US residents) and (UK residents)

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