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Matrix Reimagines ClimbMill to Offer A Better Workout from the Ground Up


Matrix Fitness is excited to introduce the C50 ClimbMill, the latest addition to its extensive series of ClimbMill exercise equipment and the first to offer a club-quality, stair-climbing workout from the comfort of home.

“Fitness enthusiasts who work out on popular, commercial stair-climbers continue to show demand for a version that’s optimized for in-home use,” said Jeff Moser, Senior Director of Retail Sales, Johnson Health Tech NA.

“With the C50, Matrix built a ClimbMill that boasts all of the technology and seamlessly smooth operation of health club machines, in a frame that fits your home.”

Other benefits include:

  • Target multiple muscle groups at once. An engaging alternative to standard cardio, the C50 ClimbMill simultaneously challenges lower body muscles and the cardiovascular system for a calorie-burning workout that’s easier on joints than jogging. Interval train like never before with the Exact Force™ Induction Brake for instant, precise speed changes at the push of a button.
  • Travel the world without leaving your home. Race to the top of famous structures and summit the wonders of the world with Landmarks, an integrated fitness program that scales workouts to well-known monuments. In addition, Virtual Active™ technology can transform ordinary workouts into an immersive experience taking the user to exotic locales and stunning trails.
  • Multi-media experience with workout tracking. Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and much more are a touch away with user-friendly, intuitive consoles like the XER and XIR. The 10-inch and 16-inch touchscreen displays feature the ViaFit™ connectivity system and Bluetooth connectivity to effortlessly track and share workout data with a variety of popular fitness apps.

The C50 ClimbMill is currently available for purchase at specialty fitness stores nationwide and online.

The machine will also be on display at the Europa Games Expo in Phoenix, Ariz. from Aug. 10-11, 2019. For more information, please visit

About Matrix Fitness
Matrix Fitness, a Johnson Health Tech brand, is the fastest-growing commercial fitness brand in the world. Matrix offers a complete portfolio of cardiovascular and strength equipment for health clubs and other fitness facilities.

In 2016, Matrix Fitness launched a retail line with a focus on cardiovascular equipment for the home fitness enthusiast.

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