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Is Social Media the reason you feel drained?

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By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 26 June 2020

The demands of social media and effects of screen time are draining the nation’s energy, a new study of 1,011 Brits (aged between 18 – 44) has found. New research shows that a quarter of us (73%) claim to frequently suffer low energy levels and for almost one in five (19%) it’s an issue that’s felt ‘all the time’.

When looking at the top drainers of energy, two-thirds (67%) of adults say that social demands regularly put them under pressure. While three out of four people (74%) think social media lowers self-esteem and seven out of 10 (68%) say it makes them feel like they can never keep up.

The study, commissioned by Red Kooga, makers of a range of high quality, evidence-based energy-enhancing ginseng supplements, reveals three out of four adults (74%) have taken a hit to their self-esteem because of social media, and for more than a quarter (29%) this happens most or all of the time.

Dr Emma Derbyshire advises: “Research shows that reducing your exposure to social media, and being more conscious of the time you do spend on these apps and websites, will reduce negative feelings and improve sleep patterns.”

  • Seven out of ten Brits (68%) believe influencers are adding to the pressures young woman already feel.

  • Three-quarters (73%) think young women are under increasing pressure to have a ‘perfect’ life.

  • Two out of five people (40%) felt better when they received likes and positive feedback on social media. And almost a third (30%) felt bad when they didn’t get ‘likes’.

  • More than a third (35%) have had arguments with a partner over time spent on social media, and one in ten (10%) has split up over it.

  • One in three people (31%) look at their phone as soon as they wake

  • One in six (16%) wish they could give up social media and almost half (44%) wish they spent less time on social media.


The new Red Kooga data confirms one in three people (34%) look at social media sites before going to sleep .

When looking for a quick fix to combat energy slumps, instead of opting for natural supplements, the nation is turning to high-calorie, unhealthy options, adding access calories to our diet when trying ineffective solutions.

Three out of five (61%) of us often turn to caffeinated drinks for an energy boost and one in five does this ‘all the time’. More than half (55%) reach for chocolate when they need a lift, but a similar number (52%) would make a conscious decision to cook a healthy nutrient-rich meal.

Instead of calorie-laden energy snacks, it’s worth considering a herbal supplement, like Ginseng, which has a history of medicinal properties.


Ginseng is one of the most important plants in oriental medicine, with more than a millennium of recorded use. An evidence review published in Complete Nutrition which collated evidence from dozens of studies and clinical trials, identified a number of beneficial health applications for Ginseng highlight its effects in addressing fatigue and improving energy levels.

A randomised double-blind trial involving 90 patients with chronic fatigue where there was no identifiable cause, showed that those who received a daily dose of 1 to 2g of Panax Ginseng produced “significant” anti-fatigue effects in just four weeks. Blood tests confirmed the group who received Ginseng had higher levels of antioxidants in their blood.

But Ginseng is not simply a stimulant. An eight-day trial found that a daily dose of 400mg of the specific G115 extract of Panax Ginseng used by Red Kooga improved calmness and mental arithmetic ability.

An evidence review recently published, found 16 trials had also confirmed Ginseng has a positive impact on glycaemic control — which could be one of the mechanisms driving its anti-fatigue effect.

Author of the evidence review; public health nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire says: “These studies suggest Ginseng provides a safe and effective solution for many of the maladies of modern life. The range of Red Kooga supplements, including Red Kooga Natural Energy Release combines top-quality Panax Ginseng with the guarana herb to provide a gentle way to boost sharpness and alertness.

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