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Get A Drip Launches Impli Biotech Implants

Impli Biotech Implants

Get A Drip, provider of Intravenous (IV) Nutrition Therapy, has once again added to its award winning range of innovative services with the introduction of implantable consumer devices, in partnership with Biotech firmImpli.

Implantable devices are a breakthrough for the healthcare industry and Impli is leading the way with their innovative yet accessible devices. They are set to revolutionise medical practices as well as everyday health and wellness. Using state-of-the-art technology, Impli implantables are able to store a range of biomarkers, providing users with up-to-date health data.

The devices can store medical information such as medical history and in case of emergency (ICE) contact information. They also allow people to store medicine and vaccination information.

The potential for this technology is endless and the near future will see the implants storing vital health information such as temperature. The immediate application of the technology means that people can give medical staff important information instantly and remove any room for error that may arise from forgetting medicines or paperwork.

It will provide more freedom to many people and give greater control to everyone. The long-term benefits, as more functions are added to the implants, are endless – for example diabetics could get an accurate blood sugar reading from the device without having to do an invasive finger prick blood test every day.

Beyond medical identity, the implantables can be used for many other functionalities and can replace your keys, authentication, NFC access points and payment functionalities, meaning that you can make payments and open your front door with the touch of your hand!

The benefit to Get A Drip customers allows them to store their medical history and visit history on the device to speed up appointment times. When the devices measure vital signs this will make their appointments more seamless by allowing the nurses to read their vital signs within seconds.

Richard Chambers, founder of Get A Drip, said: “Our aim at Get A Drip is to challenge traditional thinking about health through innovation and the introduction of biotech implants does just that. We are enabling people to take even more control of their health and wellness. As a diabetic myself, the potential uses of these implants is very exciting and I can’t wait to get mine fitted!”

Anna Luisa Schaffgotsch, founder of Impli, said: “Impli wants to make people’s lives safer and more convenient with implantable technologies. Our collaboration with Get A Drip is an essential part of enabling just that. Get A Drips vision of extending healthcare to allow accessible optimal nutrition and healthcare to the individual, strongly underpins our missions. We are excited for the positive impact we can drive together!”

Get A Drip is launching the implantations from Monday 14 September 2020 in their central London clinics. Their qualified Nurses are fully trained on the implantation procedure which is quick and painless. The tiny implants are inserted into the hand much in the same way as the contraceptive implant.

Implants cost £144 each and an accompanying app allows information to be updated by the user. Impli currently uses the latest encryption technology to keep the user’s data safe and secure.

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