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Huel, Nutrition Brand Answers Calls from Goal-Driven Consumers for January

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Huel, Europe’s number one complete nutrition brand, announces the arrival of Huel Black Edition. The new powder formula joins Huel’s existing core powder range, responsible for revolutionising eating habits globally.

Specially created following feedback from nutrition-savvy customers, Huel Black Edition contains half the level of carbohydrate, 40g of 100% plant-based protein and zero artificial sweeteners, while still delivering a nutritionally complete meal.

The new powder provides customers with more choice and flexibility, now able to cater to different lifestyles and goals. Whether it’s changing dietary requirements or increased training schedules, Huel Black Edition is the answer to approach new year’s resolutions in a healthy and sustainable way. Being nutritionally complete means that each serving of Huel Black Edition contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, along with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, omega-3 and -6 fats you need on a daily basis.

With Huel, you know you’re not depriving your body of nutrients when you’ve got back-to-back meetings, running out the door or coming from the gym and need fast, convenient food to maximise your day.

Huel Black Edition is made using sustainable ingredients including pea protein, flaxseed, brown rice protein, sunflower and coconut for the perfect amino acid profile and a good balance of essential fats. The revolutionary formula boasts pro- and prebiotics while kombucha and green tea extract have been introduced for additional natural nutrients.

Julian Hearn, Co-Founder of Huel explains “We love our Hueligans, and one of the core principals at Huel is to make customers happy, leading us to exciting new product innovations. We have listened to the feedback and are very proud to announce the launch of the brand new Huel Black Edition Powder.”

Huel Black Edition is available in two delicious flavours; vanilla and chocolate. Formulated by Registered Nutritionists, Huel Black Edition is vegan, gluten-free and naturally flavoured and sweetened, containing less than 5g sugar per serving. Each pouch contains 17 meals with a shelf life of twelve months so you only use exactly what you need, meaning there is absolute minimal waste.

Huel Black Edition Powder is available exclusively at