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How Much Did Your Fitness Improve Over Lockdown

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 05:25 PM

After 12 months of daily walks, home workouts and online exercise classes, gyms have finally reopened!

While workout options may have been limited, it seems the nation has risen to the challenge, with 1 in 3 Brits saying their fitness has improved over lockdown, according to research from Myprotein

The sport nutrition brand surveyed 2,000 UK adults to see how they feel about the gyms reopening, as well as how they’ve been keeping fit over lockdown.

49% of the people they spoke to said they’ve made more of an effort to exercise during lockdown, with 41% saying they’ve introduced healthy lifestyle changes they want to continue.

The research also revealed that Brits are more excited about getting back to the gym than they are about going for a pint, getting their hair cut or going out shopping. 

When asked how they felt about different lockdown restrictions being eased, 67% said they felt excited about the gyms reopening.

Meanwhile, 65% said they were excited about going to the barbers or hairdressers and just 57% said they were looking forward to going to the pub.

As for how we’ve been keeping fit away from the gym, walking came out on top as the most popular form of lockdown exercise, with 6 in 10 Brits taking a daily stroll to keep fit. Running and bodyweight exercises were the next most popular options, following by cycling, dancing and yoga.

Splitting out our results by region, London was crowned the UK’s running hotspot, with nearly a quarter of people in the capital jogging during lockdown. Meanwhile, Southampton ranked the highest for cycling, with 23% getting on a bike over the past 12 months.

Brighton came out on top for both bodyweight exercises, with 28%, and dancing, with 19%, while Cardiff ranked top for yoga, with 13%.

You can check out the full set of results on the MyProtein website