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Caffeine – How Does The The World’s Favourite Energy Booster Actually Work?

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Caffeine is the world’s most popular supplement, with 80% of the world consuming at least one caffeinated drink each day. How it works, however, is not always understood.

For the most part it is consumed and forgotten about, and at the most avoided before bed. 

How does it work?

Throughout the day, whether by physical or mental activity, your brain produces more of the “sleep molecule” known as adenosine. As this builds up in your brain you become more and more tired until you fall asleep and the brain can metabolise the adenosine and return to its normal state. 

Caffeine has a similar shape to the sleep molecule, and when it is consumed it replaces adenosine, tricking your brain’s A1 receptor into thinking that you’re less tired than you actually are. 

This is why the more coffee or tea you drink the more awake you feel. If there is a large amount of caffeine in your brain, it is hard to tell how much adenosine is building up throughout the day. 

After you hit peak caffeine about an hour after your morning coffee or tea, the amount of caffeine starts to go down as the molecule is metabolised – the same way you sober up from the effects of alcohol.

The half-life of caffeine – the amount of time it takes your body to remove half the caffeine in your system – is around 5 hours which is why you might be struggling to sleep after that 5pm cup of joe. 

John Nolan-Neylan, Co-Founder of Revviesdiscusses the importance of keeping our energy levels consistent throughout the day, and how Revvies can help you keep track of caffeine levels.

“Caffeine is so popular for a reason – it works. The energy boost it gives us is palpable and allows everyone from tired office workers to elite athletes to make the most of their days. It is, however, important to understand how it works to ensure that you don’t overdo it in your day-to-day routine. 

Caffeine is not a substitute for sleep so knowing how much you’ve had and how long that is likely to be in your system is really important to make sure you can keep your energy levels up naturally and healthily.

It can be hard to tell just how much caffeine you’re consuming in teas, coffees and energy drinks; with confusing mg per 100ml measurements making it difficult to keep track.

That is why we label each of our products with the exact amounts of caffeine in each strip, 40mg or 100mg. That way you can give yourself a post-work energy boost, without worrying about not being able to sleep later on. Revvies is the fastest and most convenient way to experience a great boost of energy, without the hassle and side effects of sugary energy drinks and gels.”

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