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Inexpensive Fitness Trackers: The Honor ES Watch Reviewed

honor es watch

These days there are a vast array of fitness trackers on the market at varying degrees of pricing.

We tried the Honor ES to see what it offered in comparison to the others on the market.

Now you may be forgiven at first glance thinking that the ES is a copy of the Huawei Watch Fit, which in all honesty it could be as the Honor brand had been up until recently, working closely together with Huawei. 

The difference between these two is that Huawei’s version has built-in GPS and one extra workout on its list of 90+ supported workouts and costs the same price at £89.99.

After initially looking at all the features of the Honor GS Pro (Honors bigger and badder sister), it was inevitable that the lower price banded ES watch would be missing a few of the features of its more expensive big sister.

Don’t let this deter you from looking at this understated sleek looking model though, the beautiful colours of the fascia encased in 2.5D glass draw you in instantly.

Although the back of the watch is plastic the framework is made of a strong metal giving a quality feel to it. The ES smooth aluminium body has a single side-mounted button, further enhancing the look and feel of this fashionable looking watch. 

So to the nitty gritty of the features on offer from the ES model, the watch offers standard exercise tracking, it includes some fantastic animations and diagrams to help you understand the 12 guided exercises you are or will be taking part in. The majority of exercises people undertake are included ranging from core-exercises, fat-burning workouts to stretches with a vibration via the watch to let you know when to start and when to stop.

Battery life! We hear you shouting! One of the many important aspects of any smartwatch is the battery life. LiteOS provides an incredible 10 day battery life on a 90 minute charge, but of course as with all watches the life of the battery can fluctuate depending on how often you exercise and use the watch features.

It’s hard to fault the ES, particularly when you consider it’s low price.

The only downside we could really find with this was that there is no GPS included on this model compared to the same priced Huawei fitness tracker, which would be the only thing putting me off going for this particular model.

Honor Watch ES: Specs

  • 1.64″ AMOLED Touch Display
  • 10-Day Battery Life
  • 95 Workout Modes
  • Animated Virtual Coach
  • 24/7 Heart-Rate Monitor
  • Stress Monitor 
  • Sleep Monitor

Find out more via the Honor website here: