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Step into the Future: Unveiling the HOKA x SATISFY Clifton LS – Where Performance Meets Style

Hoka Satisy

HOKA’s newest venture joins forces with SATISFY®, the Paris-based performance brand on a shared mission to ‘Unlock the High’ for runners.

Together, they unveil the HOKA x SATISFY Clifton LS (£185), a collaborative masterpiece that seamlessly merges HOKA’s trusted functionality with SATISFY’s cutting-edge performance design.

In this unique partnership, where technical meets luxury, the HOKA x SATISFY Clifton LS transcends mere footwear; it’s a co-created style that speaks to the discerning runner.

The shoe’s design draws inspiration from topographic maps, crafting a custom-engineered mesh that not only ensures optimal breathability but also adds a distinct aesthetic to elevate your running experience.

Beyond its stylish facade, the HOKA x SATISFY Clifton LS is a performance powerhouse. Engineered to support natural running mechanics with responsiveness on both road and trail, it features a co-branded upper and insole, asymmetrical engineered base mesh, translucent hotmelt print, double heel webbing pull, woven tongue webbing, speed lace system, and a custom crag box.

The reflective moulded toe cap enhances visibility for night runs, and the double heel pull pays homage to the climbing shoes’ design.

The shoe’s durability is a testament to its rugged journey, thanks to the Durabrasion Rubber outsole ready to conquer diverse terrains.

This collaboration isn’t just about running; it’s a fusion of performance and style, inviting runners to embrace a new era of elevated running experiences.