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Pre-Orders Start For The Much Anticipated ‘Happy Club’ App

the happy club app

Pre-orders for the brand-new ‘Happy Club’ app are live. The Happy Club app offers convenient access to a range of body and mind tools, with the aim of helping people free themselves of their limiting beliefs and achieve the life they desire. The ultimate goal of The Happy Club is simple – ‘to make the world a more loving place by creating a loving global community.’

The app is designed to help the user become aware, to turn away from unconscious living and instead connect with their loving energy within, discovering their true self and actualising a positive, fulfilling, and happy life.

The app will feature journeys (courses which are done over a period of time), guided meditations, yoga classes, podcasts, 1-1 access to qualified life coaches, and most uniquely, an entirely new social media platform called The Happy Place. 

The Happy Place is a social media platform which is better from the start – it doesn’t include any of the things we’ve come to expect from other sites – the negativity, judgement, hate, trolls, the ads, the privacy violations – instead it is a place where everyone comes together in the spirit of sharing love, to share their true selves through inspiring stories, happy news, acts of kindness, and by supporting each other’s growth and development. It is the first step towards making this world a more loving place to be. 

The inspiration for the app comes from The Happy Club founder, Kash Desai, who had his own journey from hopelessness to joy.

As a boy in India, Kash had a difficult childhood, working eighteen-hour days in a factory, earning a monthly salary that was the equivalent to just £10 a month to keep his family afloat. 

His difficulties lead him to make multiple attempts on his life at a young age, but, persevering through his difficulties he transformed his life into material success in the UK. 

Despite this outward success, he came to realise that the happiness and joy he had been seeking didn’t lie in material growth.

“To the world, I was a winner, but I felt empty. I had lost my sense of purpose in the process of trying to find my way in the world,” he says, “The pain I started to feel as a child had become unbearable, and this triggered my journey to discover who I really was and what I wanted.”

Kash’s journey of self-discovery eventually led him to the realisation that all the answers he sought were inside of him and that his own capacity for love and potential, was limitless.

“If everyone traded their expectations for love and appreciation, then the world would be a beautiful, loving place. If hate manifests hate and fear manifests more fear, then love for the self within can manifest love for everyone else outside,” he explains.

The Happy Club is available for pre-order now through the website. There is an offer of 50% off the yearly subscription at £29.99 or 30% off the lifetime subscription. Anyone who pre-orders will get early access to the app and will be entered into a giveaway competition to win exclusive 1-1 coaching with NLP coach and Happy Club Founder, Kash Desai. 

Launch is expected in November 2020, and it will be available worldwide on Android, iOS and on PC/Mac/Linux platforms via a web browser.

Please visit for more information