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Is Hair Loss Giving You Cause For Concern?

Male pattern baldness (MPB), also known as androgenetic alopecia, is the most common cause of hair loss in men.

It accounts for over 90% of cases and it becomes more common with age. Approximately 30% of men by the age of 30 and 70% by the age of 70 are affected by MPB but it can appear as early as the teenage years, particularly if there is a strong family history of early baldness.

However, as well as genetics other common lifestyle factors can increase hair loss, the include*:

  • Strict dieting – which can lead to protein deprivation
  • Physical and emotional stress – the stress hormone cortisol is thought to affect the function of hair follicles
  • Taking too much Vitamin A and too little Vitamin B
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Antidepressants
  • Over styling your hair

*Source – Health.com

Hairloss can be linked to depression, low self-esteem and anxiety, and online wellness hub, Manual has not only created a dedicated section focusing on how to deal with these emotions but has also got to the root of the problem by creating a Power Shampoo.

Containing Caffeine, Saw Palmetto & Biotin, all proven to tackle hair thinning, the shampoo helps improve hair quality through the best ingredients science has to offer, and here’s why:

Most people start their day with a fix of Caffeine to wake them up, similarly, caffeine has been shown to help stimulate hair growth

Saw palmetto is a palm berry extract and is nature’s answer to hair loss. It’s traditionally become a popular natural choice for men looking to minimise certain anti-androgen drug use (such as finasteride) or the side-effects associated with them.

Biotin is an essential building block in producing keratin which is a structural support protein that makes hair. Think of it like the bricks and mortar of your hair structure, giving you improved hair elasticity so you can really get your hair mojo back into gear!

For more information on Manual’s full product range can be found here: