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More Than Six Million Will Struggle On Blue Monday Because Faddy Diets Have Left Them Feeling Hangry


As Blue Monday (Mon Jan 17th, 2022) dawns, 6.3 million Brits admit that they are feeling more irritable and unreasonable than usual.

Almost half the adult population began a restrictive diet at the start of the year and with 53% denying themselves the foods they enjoy most, it’s little wonder they’re struggling.

More Brits than ever before are prioritising health and well-being – 32%* gained weight in 2021 and 55%* set health and wellness goals for 2022, however, restrictive dieting, which 22.6 million Brits are doing this month, is not the way forward and is resulting in hanger.   

Hanger caused by restrictive dieting leaves 34% thinking about food more, 28% feeling more irritable and unreasonable than normal, and 18% not sleeping well. 

Doctor, Health Coach and TV presenter Dr. Helen Lawal says, “Sometimes fad diets work for short periods of time, then we return to old habits, feeling like we have failed, turning towards food to pick us up and the cycle continues.”

“People don’t need to make themselves miserable, hungry and in some cases, ill, to lose weight,” explains Anna Hill, General Manager of WW UK.

“We devised our new programme to enable people to get real results with fewer cravings and less hunger.” 

With the new WW PersonalPoints Programme, you’ll NEVER feel ‘hangry’ as it’s deNsigned just for you, so you can live your fullest life, enjoying the foods you love with no restrictions or deprivation, whilst still losing weight. 

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