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Everton Enhance Nutrition Support To Players With The Turmeric Co. Partnership

Everton FCs Christiansen

The Turmeric Co. will supply Premier League club, Everton FC., in a partnership that will also see engagement with the club’s fan base.

The Turmeric Co., which offers a variety of great-tasting products, will supply the Everton Men’s and Women’s first teams, including regular users Mason Holgate, Tom Davies and Izzy Christiansen.

The collaboration expands upon a relationship that has seen Everton purchasing the shots directly for nearly two years, in order to support their player’s recovery.

Founded by professional footballer, Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, The Turmeric Co. also aims to support Everton with education for its supporters, around the benefits of the ingredients.

The nutritional shots, which contain active ingredients scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-depressant properties, in addition to assisting with weight management and improving skin condition, are now available for Everton supporters to purchase directly.

The Turmeric Co. is the UK’s leading producer of naturally produced turmeric shots, which are used by a number of professional football clubs and elite athletes to enhance their recovery and holistic health.

The Turmeric Co. has spent over a decade perfecting their range of turmeric shots, using raw turmeric root combined with other fresh ingredients.

Everton Men’s First team player Mason Holgate, who played alongside Robson-Kanu at West Bromwich Albion, regularly uses Turmeric Co product added: “I’m good friends with Hal and when he told me the benefits, I tried the shots and found they worked.

“It’s something I’ve used since then because the day after a game, or a heavy training session when I would normally feel the aches and strains, I find this clears it up.

“I like the taste and that it’s just a quick shot, but it’s more about the benefits and it’s really a product I enjoy.”

The Turmeric Co. has recently announced partnerships with a range of other clubs and national governing bodies of sport, including British Gymnastics, Brentford, Crystal Palace Women, St. Helens, and the English Institute of Sport.

Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, Founder and CEO at The Turmeric Co, said: “It’s a great honour to have secured another Premier League partner, in Everton. We are confident that our shots can support performance and aid recovery and we are looking forward to a long and healthy relationship.

“Through this partnership, we aim to achieve much more than supporting the playing squad with their recovery. We also hope to engage with the club’s brilliant supporter base, helping to educate and inform them around the importance of natural functional nutrition.

“Our shots are over a decade in the making, back from when I suffered with severe inflammation and chronic aches and pains earlier in my career.

When I began to research natural remedies, my dad and I began mixing fresh, natural ingredients such as pineapple, pomegranate and ginger with turmeric, all of which have prescribed anti-inflammatory properties.

After three months of using our unique formula, I began to notice a big difference and have pretty much used these shots every day of my life since. 

“Fast forward to the present day, our shots are made from 100% raw, cold-pressed natural ingredients that have been purposefully selected and extracted in a method that keeps the highest nutritional value.

Our shots are perfect for supporting recovery from illness or injury, boosting immunity to help fend off common colds or flu, increasing energy levels and managing aches and pains caused by inflammation. 

“It’s amazing to reflect on how we are now in a position to supply our blends to a number of elite athletes, teams and sporting organisations. Our ambition is to bring natural nutrition, in a convenient manner, to people from all walks of life.”

Lloyd Parker, Head of Nutrition at Everton Football Club, said: “We are thrilled to welcome this formal partnership with The Turmeric Co., not only for the benefit of our players, but also our supporters.

“The nutritional aspect of these shots is clear for all to see, and we see real lifestyle benefits for the user.

“We look forward to reaping those benefits here at Everton and also helping to improve the health of our supporters.”

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