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Eurosport and Canary Islands Tourist Board Unveil Exciting Collaboration: ‘Canary Islands. One Goal, One Destination. All Year-Round

Iwan Thomas training athletes trackside

Eurosport and the Canary Islands Tourist Board have partnered to produce a brand-new series – Canary Islands. One goal, one destination. All year-round – a multi-channel campaign to promote the archipelago as the perfect destination for professional athletes, semi-professional athletes and teams looking for the optimum conditions to prepare for upcoming competitions.

The campaign will be fronted by three legends of the sport who will offer their expertise, insights and analysis during Eurosport’s coverage of Paris 2024:

Alberto Contador holding interview in the countryside

●        Spanish seven-time Grand Tour winner, Alberto Contador.

●        Hungarian three-time Olympic swimming Champion and World Record holder, Katinka Hosszu.

●        Team GB World Champion and Olympic silver medallist, Iwan Thomas.

Iwan Thomas training athletes trackside

As part of the campaign, Eurosport and the Canary Islands Tourist Board will produce one sixty-second TVC in addition to three short films focussing on the eight Canary Islands, one sporting icon and one discipline.

Contador, Hosszu and Thomas will take viewers on a thrilling journey that will combine the stunning landscapes of the Canary Islands with its challenging terrains, immersing them into the training regimes of world-class athletes and highlighting the benefits of the archipelago as an ideal training place.

Mike Rich, Head of UK & Ireland and International Ad Sales and Brand Partnerships, at WBD Sports, said: “Through Eurosport’s unrivalled collection of channels, we’re delighted to offer a platform to the Canary Islands Tourist Board that will bring to life the paradise of professional sports tourism through our team of sports experts and their unique insights”.

“With all eyes set to be on the sporting world next year, we’re in a unique position to offer brands unparalleled visibility across Europe, leveraging our unmatched reach and expertise to connect with sports fans and athletes alike.”

Katinka Hosszu being interviewed

Jessica de León, Minister of Tourism and Employment for the Government of the Canary Islands added: “It makes complete sense that Europe’s leading sports platform and Europe’s leading training destination collaborate to launch an international campaign during what is shaping up to be an incredibly busy year of elite sport that includes the Olympic Games from Paris.”

José Juan Lorenzo, Managing Director of the Canary Islands Tourist Board, said: “With this campaign, we are telling the world that the Canary Islands has it all if athletes want to perform better: First-class facilities, high-altitude training options in pleasant weather conditions all year-round and environmental factors which stimulate a faster recovery time.

“Partnering with a brand like Eurosport it is always well received as these huge collaborations reinforce our positioning as the best training destination in Europe.”

Produced in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish, the ‘Canary Islands. One goal, one destination. All year-round’ campaign premieres on 24 April on Eurosport’s linear and digital platforms.

The Canary Islands, a leading sports destination

The Canary Islands’ natural assets make the archipelago a paradise for professional training and international competitions.

There are many elite athletes who choose the archipelago to carry out preparation. Sailors, surfers, triathletes, swimmers, beach volleyball players, cyclists, and paragliders from all over the world select the Canary Islands as their training base.

Training at altitude, with lower atmospheric pressure, improves sports performance and Teide, the highest peak in Spain, is the favourite for cyclists.

The archipelago has outstanding weather statistics. The average temperature is 23º in summer and 19º in winter, and there are 4,800 hours of daylight per year.

The connectivity of the Canary Islands allows athletes to reach the archipelago from the main European cities in a matter of a few hours. In the Islands, there are 1,500 kilometres of coastline bathed by volcanic waters rich in nutrients.

So the wide range of facilities for high-level athletes includes thalassotherapy, a healing process that aids rapid recovery.

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