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EAST Hotels Offer Easy Integrated Wellness Offerings In Miami, Beijing, Hong Kong

east hotel miami

Now travellers to Miami, Beijing and Hong Kong can stay healthy in style with EAST’s new wellness offerings.

With so many of us paying such careful attention to mind, body and soul year-round, travellers can now make mindful choices in the hotels we choose.

For nutritionally conscious guests, FEAST (FOOD BY EAST) is guided by the mantra of “Simple Things, Done Well”.

Every element of every menu is mindfully designed to cater for the desires of healthy eating, focusing on the highest quality freshest elements, catering for vegan and vegetarian guests.

A wellness highlight at the rooftop bar, Sugar at EAST, Hong Kong, is the low GI cocktail pictured below. The world’s first plant-based burger is available at FEAST, Hong Kong.

For those seeking a community atmosphere, each EAST hotel thoughtfully incorporates this philosophy into their wellness programming, offering guests an opportunity to socialise through group activities.

Designed to showcase local hidden gems and breath-taking vistas, group events include cycling in Beijing, hiking in Hong Kong and running in Miami, and engender a fantastic community spirit amongst guests

Open 24 hours, the ultimate state-of-the-art gyms will impress even the most committed gym enthusiasts.

Playfully named BEAST (BODY BY EAST), these gyms offer local experiences including a monthly calendar of engaging wellness programming, as well as the most up-to-date in-house facilities, and access to professional trainers on request.