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Do Gamers Have Better Reactions Than Non-Gamers?

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When it comes to being a top gamer, many people say reactions and hand-eye-coordination are the major factors that separate the best from the rest. But is this true, and are gamers really better than the average Joe?

To answer this question, a new experiment from Ebuyer allowed users to test their skills in two games, designed to compare how gamers and non-gamers perform at simple tasks.

With one game measuring hand eye coordination and one measuring reaction time, the stage was set to see who would win… the Gamers or the Non-Gamers. 

Gamers vs. Non-Gamers

The first game, which tested hand-eye coordination by getting the user to hit arrow keys when the corresponding shape reaches the top of a circle, revealed that, on average, gamers achieved a slightly better score than non-gamers (293 vs. 162).

The second game, which tested reaction speeds by getting the user to click a green circle and wait for the colour to change, revealed that, on average, gamers are able to react within 699 ms (milliseconds) compared to non-gamers who scored 731 ms (milliseconds).

Overall, when observing the results from the experiment, it’s evident that gamers have better reaction time and hand eye coordination.

To test your reactions against gamers and non-gamers, visit

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