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‘Boxed Off’ Houses All The Supplements You Need In Simple Problem-solving Boxes

boxed off supplements

What is Boxed Off? 

Supplements are often confusing. Aimed at gym-goers or those in-the-know, many brands are a minefield for the novice or newcomer and selecting the right supplements can be more than a little daunting. 

An antidote to the overly cheap or excessively expensive supplements on the market, Boxed Off is the affordable and simple solution.

The UK-born brand is sustainable, with biodegradable packaging, and the supplements boast plant-based ingredients that are familiar and effective. 

“We believed that there must be a simpler way to supplementation, with a product that tells you what it will deliver in a fun, attractive way that is kinder to the environment,” says co- founder Ann Preston. 

What does Boxed Off stand for? 

An open and honest brand, Boxed Off doesn’t make false claims about its products. It doesn’t claim, for instance, to sell miracle weight loss tablets. All the Boxed Off products are tried and tested and, taken responsibly, will deliver results. 

“The urban dictionary defines the term ‘boxed off’ as ‘something that is taken care of, completed, no need to worry about any longer’. And that perfectly sums up our brand, too. We take the leg work out of sourcing the correct supplements and nutrition for our customers,” notes Preston. 

Boxed Off is: 

✔ Easy to understand 

✔ Vegan-friendly 

✔ Plant-based 

✔ Sustainable 

✔ 100% biodegradable and recyclable 

✔ No single-use plastic containers, at no extra cost to the customer 

✔ Made in the UK 

For anyone new to supplements, Boxed Off has made things simple with its pre- made, solution-driven, 30-day boxes, which can also be refilled saving you money when you repeat buy.

Choose from: 

Cool as a cucumber | Calm Box, £49 Curated to help you reach a zen state, this box contains Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D and KSM 66, an ashwagandha extract that helps your body adapt in times of stress.

Taken together these supplements help your body and mind deal with stress and recover, relieving irritability, agitation, lowering cholesterol and boosting immunity. 

Save £8 compared with buying the supplements individually. 

Hit the Hay | Sleep Box, £49 The expert combination of supplements inside this box help to promote a better sleep pattern, naturally.

A good night’s sleep can often be derailed when we’re deficient in the following: Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin C+Iron.

Working in combination these supplements ensure you get a restful night’s sleep. 

Save £5 compared with buying the supplements individually. 

Act Your Shoe Size | Youth Box, £60 Working both inside and out, the supplements in this box—Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D and Algae Oil—are handpicked to help relieve the aches and pains associated with ageing, as well as delivering anti-ageing properties to help you look younger, too. Whilst the addition of wheatgrass is there to give you a welcome energy boost! 

Save £16 compared with buying the supplements individually. 

Fit as a fiddle | Health Box, £49 Feel like you should be taking supplements to bolster your everyday health, but you’re not sure what to take? We’ve boxed it off for you!

This suits-all box contains Algae Oil Capsules (to combat inflammation and keep the skin, heart and brain healthy), Vitamin D (essential for a healthy immune system) and ZMA (that’s Zinc and Magnesium) to help you feel as fit as a fiddle. 

Save £10 compared with buying the supplements individually. 

Plant Power | Vegan Box, £60 Whether you’re vegan or vegetarian, add this box to your grocery list and you can remove any concerns you may have about missing out on vital nutrients whilst following your chosen plant-based diet plan.

Inside the box you’ll find Vegan Protein, Vitamin B12 (which relieves fatigue and is often found in meat and fish, so plant-based eaters can be deficient), Kelp (rich in calcium) and Algae Oil (a great source of Omega 3 DHA fatty acids). 

Save £10 compared with buying the supplements individually. 

Hit refresh | Detox Box, £60 For ‘fresh starts’ whether you’ve overindulged during your vacation, had the pleasure of partying hard or you’re just generally feeling lethargic, this box is the kickstart you need. The box contains Supergreens (to boost energy, immunity and digestion), Milk Thistle (to support liver function), Epsom Bath Salts (to aid relaxation and sleep), as well as those all-important inflammation-fighting Algae Oil capsules. 

Save £9 compared with buying the supplements individually. 

Strong as an ox | Muscle Box, £60 Designed to help you build and sustain muscle, this is the perfect add-on to any fitness programme. Vegan protein and BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) help your muscles repair and grow, as well as alleviating muscle soreness.

Algae Oil supports joint and bone health, while ZMA aids sleep which is crucial for recovery between workouts. 

Save £18 compared with buying the supplements individually. 

Want to create your own supplement routine? You can! All the Boxed Off supplements, from Algae Oil to ZMA’s, are sold separately on the website, from £7 to £30. 

Boxed Off is available online at You can also find Boxed Off on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @boxedoffltd 

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