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Top Four Mistakes To Avoid When Booking a Fit to Fly COVID Test

Booking a Fit to Fly COVID Test

With so much room for error when it comes to booking a fit to fly COVID test, here are our top four tips on common mistakes that travellers make:

1. Not Using a UKAS Accredited Lab

As a rule of thumb, all tests for travel need to be completed at a government approved lab that is UKAS accredited, or they will not be accepted for travel.

A UKAS accreditation stands for the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, that checks that the lab is operating to the UK governments standards for testing.

You can find the UK government list here.

2. PCR test validity

A common question asked is how long the PCR test will be valid for?

The validity of a travel PCR test is dependent on the destination you are travelling to.

If you are required to have a PCR test completed 48 hours prior to arrival, the countdown will start from the time you attend the appointment till your arrival at the destination.

You will have to book an appointment within the 48 hours window prior to when you are expected to arrive.

3. Symptomatic testing

If you are experiencing any symptoms such as a continuous cough, a high temperature, a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell, you should avoid taking a fit to fly COVID test.

If you have previously tested positive for COVID, it is then recommended to have a PCR test done at least two to four weeks after full recovery from COVID to prevent a second positive result.

4. Age restriction on PCR test

There is no restriction that is issued to having a PCR test administered.

Children from all ages can have a PCR test done. However, you might want to check with the airline or check the travel restriction of the country you are travelling to, as in some countries children under a certain age, do not require a PCR test.

To find out the requirements for your fit to fly COVID test check out Harley Medic International, they have compiled the first data base of its kind.

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