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Bio-Synergy Launches World’s First Epigenetic Tracking Test

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All humans are unique and we each have our own genetic code which can influence so much of our health. Genetic analysis can identify these tiny differences.

From our physical build, to which diseases we are pre-dispositioned to – by unlocking the code of our genes and our environment, we can make smart choices for better health.

Based on your specific genetic makeup, this test feeds into an app that gives tailored health, performance and lifestyle advice including nutritional and vitamin recommendations, pollution and lifestyle tracking, healthy recipe suggestions, basic warm-up and cool-down videos, gym and home exercise plans (videos), mobility, flexibility and rehabilitation videos, and recovery exercise plans.

The Epigenetics test also analyses an extensive range of trackable areas including: biological age (and how to reverse it), hearing, eyesight, memory, inflammation.

Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work.

Since the lockdown, many of us are more interested in our health than ever. We want to reach our best potential, whilst also finding out what health risks we may be susceptible to.

The test gives a unique profile of results for you to use whenever – for example, when training, when food shopping, or when speaking to a health professional.

It also gives insights into physiological health issues such as mental health, stress and cognitive function.

You can also assess your skin ageing, biological ageing and see how this matches up with your chronological age.

The test also detects caffeine sensitivity, bone mineral density, obesity, diabetes, infection risk, muscle mass and stamina, overeating snacking risk, metabolic rate, fat distribution, yoyo diet risk, and lactose intolerance.

Daniel Herman, CEO of Bio-Synergy says: “This test kit  is the ultimate DNA blueprint to health, performance, and longevity, using algorithms to provide you with the knowledge to make life changing health improvements and reduce potential genetic health risks.

It uses the most comprehensive DNA profile available with accurate, state-of-the-art laboratories and science, analysing over 1,000 SNPs (genetic variants) and providing 300 outcomes tailored to your DNA.

It also delivers hyper-personalised recommendations covering nutrition, exercise, injury prevention, sleep, stress, gut health, immune system and many more – all powered by your genetics and artificial intelligence.”

The test uses a non-invasive saliva collection kit and comes with simple instructions on how to return it in the pre-paid envelope directly back to the lab, with results within two to three weeks.

Also included are instructions on how to install the app to receive results and gain access to all other health and wellbeing interventions. The app allows you to measure results and deliver outcomes in real time – forming sustainable habits to build a healthier lifestyle.

The power in knowing your own DNA 

Here’s how genetic analysis can help to optimise your genetic potential and enhance your overall performance:

  • Performance – Understand your genetic areas such as muscle power, VO2 max, anaerobic threshold plus many more. The app provides you with information to help with planning and adapting training to help you enhance performance over time. 
  • Nutrition – Everybody responds differently to different diets, so understanding how you can tailor your diet around your needs is massively important. 
  • Vitamin, minerals and supplements – Learn what you’re at risk of being deficient of and how to overcome them with food, and supplementation.
  • Recovery – The better your understanding of recovery, the adaptations to the body will be greater as you may be able to train smarter or train more based on your genetics.
  • Fatigue – This is affected by loading, volume and intensity. Therefore, adaptations based around this can reduce inflammation which is the main cause of injury, stress and poor sleep quality. Also knowing the correct nutrition, vitamin and mineral intake as well as the beneficial supplements will help reduce fatigue therefore enhance performance.
  • Monitoring athlete readiness – Identify readiness through results, so that you can manage loading, volume and intensity more effectively, meaning less chance of injury and more playing time across the seasons. 
  • Injury and illness prevention – Helping you stay injury and illness free, with a greater understanding of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as beneficial supplements. Plus how to support the body to reduce the risk of illness or injury is vitally important.
  • Stress- Psychological and physiological stress and understanding how pressure and stress affects your memory, physical symptoms caused by stress and more. 
  • Sleep –  Sleep is essential to our general health – it helps control hormones and helps repair tissue after intense exercise, physical and cognitively hard days. Also sleep is when we recover the most and we are able to turn off and regenerate.
  • Gut health – A particularly topical subject as so many people are suffering from gut issues or are looking to maximise the nutrition they take in. Discover if you have a gluten tolerance, and make better dietary choices to heal the gut and reduce irritability and inflammation. See if caffeine or other stimulants affect your gut. 
  • Mental health – A useful insight associated with general cognitive aspects such as attention which can help understand your natural focus. Understand yourself better, aid your learning processes, anxiety and general cognitive performance.

Prices start from £119 for the DNA testing kit. The Bio-Synergy DNA & Epigenetics Testing Kit (£219.00) uses DNA and Epigenetic Profiling to allow you to unlock your potential, and empower you to make informed decisions. It includes two tests:

  • DNA -300+ health reports from 1,000 analysed genetic markers. Includes a free workout and meal planner aligned to your DNA. 4 dynamic health objectives to help you achieve your goals. All in a unique mobile app. 
  • Epigenetics – Discover your true biological age and learn how to reverse it. Unlock your true potential and track your genetic health.  

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