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Hitting The Pool? We Put 3 Of The Best Womens Sports Swimming Costumes 2021 To The Test

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If the easing of lockdown has seen you itching  to swerve the living room workouts and get back to the swimming pool, it might be a good time to invest in some new kit.

A proper training swimsuit isn’t just about looking the part – the right performance fabric can help you feel supported, comfortable and confident during every kind of swim (after all, there’s nothing worse than stopping to adjust a flimsy bikini when you’re mid-stroke).

Plus, finding one you love can give you that extra bit of motivation to prioritise a lunchtime dip over another episode of something on Netflix. We tried out three new swimsuits for the season, here’s what we thought…

1. ROXY Fitness One Piece Swimsuit in Mood Indigo, £70 (

For sports swimsuits, ROXY might not be your first thought – arguably their looks are more fashion/trend-led than practical about diving into the water. However, this one-piece bridges the gap pretty successfully.

Made with recycled fabric (high-performance VITA Xtra Life™ Lycra®), the cozzie combines UV, chlorine and sun-cream resistant properties with a racerback shape that leaves your arms free to move, yet fits snugly around the torso.

The half-zip at the front looks good and you’ll find yourself satisfyingly zipping it up and down – even if it doesn’t have much of an actual function. It’s not overly suitable for those with a larger bust, unfortunately (Roxy suggest it’s ideal for A-C sizes) and the removable support pads do shift around a little. However, the material is tough but comfortable and makes you feel super streamlined – you’ll get a lot of wear out this.

2. Alpkit Nefyn Swimwear Set, £24.99 or £14.99 each for Bottoms and Top individually (

Best Womens Sports Swimming Costumes 2021

Alpkit specialises in kit for outdoor life, but this sporty two-piece is ideal for laps in the pool or spring and summer wild dips. Sustainably made with ECONYL® (material made with recycled ocean plastics and nylon waste), the fabric is lined for extra coverage and support.

We love how well-fitting it feels – sturdy enough to feel like it’ll stay in place and hold its shape well, yet still super comfy so you can swing those arms and move around with ease. The top has a fairly high neckline and sits nice and high under the arms, which is great if you want a bit more coverage, and the waistband sits at just the right point.

This is a two-piece you’ll want to wear time and time again – and it could easily be twice the price, the quality feels ace.

3. Speedo Retro Logo Medalist Swimsuit Black, £31 (

Best Womens Sports Swimming Costumes 2021

Hands up if you remember donning a Speedo costume during your school swimming lessons? If, like me, you were a regular at your local leisure centre in the Nineties, the retro logo on this one will give you a real nostalgia hit.

As someone who isn’t a fan of the recent high-cut swimming costume trend, I really liked the modest way the costume cuts around my body, which minimises any self-conscious worries as you come out of the water.

It’s made from Eco EnduraFlex – a type of high-performance fabric that has all the shape-retaining benefits of Speedo’s old costumes, but is pleasingly made from recycled yarns for a more sustainable swim.

The brand says it also boasts a higher chlorine resistance than standard high-street swimwear fabrics, so it shouldn’t go saggy or misshapen after a few uses in the pool. Soft and comfortable yet supportive, it really feels like a second skin as you’re gliding through the water.

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