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4 Of The Best Places To Go Scuba Diving In The UK

person scuba diving at bottom of the ocean

Most people imagining scuba diving will picture the Great Barrier Reef or the Great Blue Hole in Central America, but you may be surprised to find out that the UK offers some hotspots too.

Scuba diving in the UK may not offer the same exotic feel or diversity as other places around the world, but it’s famous for its marine heritage and it’s a lot closer to home for us Brits. It can be a good way to develop your skills and get the basic qualifications before venturing further afield to see the submerged wonders of the world.

You can take a road trip to most of these places and share the driving between you if you’re travelling in a group. Just be sure to take out insurance for a day or two so you can take it in turns if you’re venturing far.

So, why not try diving in some of these locations?

Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands

North of the Scottish mainland are the Orkney Islands, famous for their neolithic sites boasting UNESCO World Heritage status. The body of water sitting between the islands is called Scapa Flow and is a very popular diving site.

Scapa Flow is strewn with wartime shipwrecks, including 52 German ships that were sunk during WWII. This, alongside the relatively shallow depths and clear water, makes it a fantastic site to scuba dive. There is plenty of marine life to discover too which is just a bonus.

Lundy Island, Devon

Off the coast of Devon is Lundy Island, which is an isolated outcrop of land with merely a few buildings. Under the water is a different story – it was the UK’s first marine conservation area and this makes it one of the most diverse wildlife spots in the country.

You can expect to explore reefs, drop-offs and pinnacles, and see a range of wildlife for yourself. There are diveable shipwrecks off the island as well, making it one of the most exciting scuba spots for enthusiasts.

Rhoscolyn Beacon, Anglesey

Representing Wales, the island of Anglesey is famous for its diving opportunities. There are a few noteworthy locations off its coast, but the most popular is Rhoscolyn Beacon. 

This is one of the best spots for drift diving in the UK, where you let the current take you on a tour of the surroundings. With the right conditions, you can see diverse marine life, fascinating wrecks and a spectacular reef.

Farne Islands, Northumberland

One of the largest colonies of grey seals can be seen off the coast of Northumberland in the north of England. The Farne Islands sit a few miles from the mainland and are an important seabird colony too. You could be lucky enough to be joined by a grey seal while you’re diving on a wreck.

These are some of the most famous scuba diving locations in the UK and they’re surely all worth a visit. Get your basic qualifications sorted if you haven’t already and see these places for yourself!