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Bannatyne Health Clubs Tackle Food Allergy Concerns


The Bannatyne Group is the first corporate business to partner with an innovative new app, designed to provide peace of mind to diners with food allergies, which will be available to both members and guests.

The Allergy Menu app, which is compliant with the government regulation regarding specific allergens, is managed by an accredited qualified environmental health officer, providing an up-to-date mobile accessible cafe bar menu, allowing members and guests to tailor their personal food preferences and allergies; making it easy for them to see which dishes are suitable to them.

By selecting from a predefined list of allergens, intolerances and personal preferences (including gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs and 13 further options), the menu items available to the customer have then modified accordingly, so that only dishes suitable for them remain.

Fiona Dalton, food and beverage coordinator at The Bannatyne Group, said: “Many people limit the types of food they eat, whether they have an allergy or intolerance or for health or moral reasons.

However, it’s become a difficult task to eat out, ensuring the food ordered is what you can eat.

Some restaurants provide different menus, but simply don’t cater for complex requirements, such as they may provide a gluten-free menu, but not a gluten-free & dairy-free menu combined.

“The simple to use app is a game-changer for customers, providing help to choose meals that fit in with their own personal needs. It also supports staff who can direct customers to the most comprehensive and up-to-date menu information.

“This is in our health clubs as we want to give customers the very best and safest experience when they visit our café bars.

“Sadly, there have been several high-profile incidents where people have died after eating food that contained an ingredient, they were allergic to.

This app is compliant with the law and designed to give customers peace of mind that the dishes they choose are safe for them to eat.

“It’s incredibly simple to use and we believe that our members and guests will download the app and use it every time they visit the café bar, whether to just filter out meals they aren’t keen on, such as those with meat or fish, or to ensure that they don’t eat anything that might cause a bad, or even fatal, reaction.”

Denise Din, group health and safety compliance manager at The Bannatyne Group, said: “We have a very comprehensive food safety management system which the Allergy Menu app complements.

I’m proud that the Bannatyne Group is leading the way for big businesses in food safety and supporting customers to make informed choices from our exciting and eclectic menu.”

Juliet Moran of Allergy Menu, who designed the app, said: “This app allows restaurants to simply input their menu information and enables the consumer to filter that information through their allergies, or combination of allergies, or preferences. Veganism or vegetarianism options can also be highlighted.

Many restaurant menus have a matrix to denote certain ingredients, but these can be confusing and not always comprehensive or up to date.”

Allergy Menu – Download in App store in the app stores under the term “Allergy Menu”.

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