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Atomic Unleashes The Redster S7 Gen S: Effortless Speed and Precision for Cross-Country Skiers


For the 2023/2024 season, Atomic expands its successful Redster Gen S range with effortless yet powerful and dynamic lightweight skate skis that help cross-country skiers go faster for longer.

The new Redster S7 Gen S features Atomic’s redesigned Gen S ski shape with a deeper sidecut and shorter length. It perfectly balances stability and efficiency while offering enhanced steering control and powerful acceleration.

Designed with a racing spirit in mind, this is the ideal ski for XC skiers focused on personal progress.


Redster S7 Gen S traces its DNA straight to Atomic’s World Cup winning Redster XC range. Compared to the top-tier Redster S9 Gen S developed for elite-level racing, it’s a more forgiving skate ski built for athletic XC skiers who value personal progress higher than hundredths of a second.


Introduced in the 2021/2022 season, Redster Gen S technology represents the ultimate skate ski performance.

It’s based on a completely re-engineered sidecut, ski geometry, and sidewall construction: With its wider tip and tail, the Speedline sidecut (47-40-47mm) creates a stronger push, enabling longer strides, better stability, and a big boost to skiing efficiency.

The unique Speedscale ski geometry allows skis to be shorter than usual. This boosts precision and makes the ski more agile and manoeuvrable while also enhancing steering control.

Generating a closer connection between ski edge and snow, the Racewall sidewall construction increases energy transfer for more power and acceleration.


The Redster S7 Gen S combines the best of Atomic’s winning World Cup technology in an efficient, energy-saving skate ski that is lightweight, fast, and stable.

Its deeper Speedline sidecut makes the ski arc forward in each stride rather than fading away – a big boost to skiing efficiency.

Built with Atomic’s unique Speedscale ski geometry this ski is shorter than comparable models. It comes in one length only (183cm), improving precision, agility, manoeuvrability, and steering control for skiers of all heights and skills.

The totally re-engineered Racewall sidewall construction – combined with a bonded plate and binding system – generates a closer connection between ski edge and snow for strong power transmission and fast skiing.

Built with a Densolite Carbon Construction and Densolite 500 core, this ski is purposefully lightweight for a kick that’s effortless yet dynamic

. Redster S7 Gen S is the perfect balance for athletic XC skiers, helping them go faster for longer every time they’re on the tracks.

The Atomic Redster S7 Gen S will be available for the 2023/2024 season.