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Alphatauri Becomes Official Premium Fashion Apparel Supplier Of Formula 1

Ahmet Mercan CEO AlphaTauri and Stefano Domenicali President and CEO Formula 1

AlphaTauri is now the Official Premium Fashion Apparel Supplier of Formula 1® and is responsible for dressing the F1® team, including senior staff and F1® presenters. Several fashion promotions also form part of the agreement, adding new lifestyle aspects to the pinnacle of motorsports.

“We are very pleased to announce that AlphaTauri will be the apparel supplier to Formula 1 with their modern and stylish clothing being worn by our staff during the races.

Formula 1 is the perfect environment to develop fashion in its unique landscape of sport and entertainment,” says Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO, Formula 1®.

For AlphaTauri, still a young premium fashion brand in the industry, this cooperation is a systematic continuation of the brand’s journey in building more visibility on a global level and elaborating the brand’s collection.

“Fashion and Formula 1 have formed a fantastic symbiosis for decades already. Our partnership is perfect and allows fantastic synergies as we share a common mindset. Innovation is our driving element,” explains Ahmet Mercan, CEO AlphaTauri.

Next to the collaboration with F1®, AlphaTauri also has a long-term partnership with the F1® racing team Scuderia AlphaTauri, which it has done since 2020.

F1® is a perfect platform for the brand to get inspired and to test new technologies and functionality under extreme conditions.

AlphaTauri is always striving for new innovations to fulfill their own ambition of fusing fashion with function and technologies such as the in-house engineered Taurobran® and 3D knit technology.

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