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Alfie Middlemiss On What Sets Him Apart From Other Boxers

Alfie Middlemiss Sustain Health Magazine February Cover

Alfie Middlemiss is a name that is becoming synonymous with success in the boxing ring. Alfie began his career in 2017, and since then he has been a force to be reckoned with.

Alfie had an undefeated record in 2022 culminating with him being crowned UK National champion in the 60kg weight class

This year he is entering the elite division where he is aiming for more success which will lead to training with team GB, before moving onto the professional ranks

Alfie Middlemiss Sustain Health Magazine February Cover

Here I talk to the young boxer to find out what sets him apart from other fighters.

Who is Alfie Middlemiss outside of boxing?

I’m a nineteen-year-old from Manchester who outside of boxing is a regular lad who enjoys spending time with friends and family, I also have a keen passion for acting and performing which is another exciting avenue for me to pursue something which makes me happy and that is currently working well alongside my boxing training and commitments. 

Have you always wanted to become a boxer and or How did you get into boxing?

I’ve always been interested in sports especially competing and winning, having played football and cricket at a high level, boxing almost came out of the blue.

I remember sparring for the first time at my mate’s house and feeling an adrenaline rush different to anything else I’d experienced in other sports, I knew after that I had to give it a try and after walking into the boxing gym for the first time I immediately fell in love with the sport. 

Is there any particular part of training that you like or dislike?

Different to most boxers I quite like most aspects of training, even the gruelling roadwork you have to put in. I’d say personally the sparring is the most enjoyable aspect as you really get to fine-tune your skills and replicate what you would do on fight night.

Also, another favourite for me is the banter with the lads in the gym, even though training hard is a priority, keeping it lighthearted sometimes is a great benefit as a happy fighter is a dangerous fighter.

How much does your diet change when training?

Weight loss can be brutal for fighters and leading up to a fight your diet must change in order to make weight, usually I give myself time to cut down on portion sizes whilst maintaining a healthy diet so I can make the weight comfortably and without risk of being too weak or dehydrated on fight night.  

Do you have particular foods you go to for gaining more muscle and power?

I think maintaining a high protein nutrient-dense diet is key in fuelling your muscles for training but also supplements to get the right vitamins into your body is also vital, the fact my mum runs a health and wellness business really helps me,

I think I’m definitely her best non-paying customer.

How do you keep yourself so motivated?

I think in anything a person pursues it’s easy to be motivated when you’re doing something you love, for me it’s easy to maintain that hunger as I’m fully invested in this journey and no matter the bad days I always keep striving to improve daily. 

A great piece of advice I heard was ‘The rule of thirds’ – which is when you’re chasing a dream or doing anything hard you’re meant to feel good a third of the time, Ok a third of the time and rubbish a third of the time – if the ratio is roughly in that range then you’re doing fine! If that ratio is off, then you need to look at whether you are fatigued or not pushing yourself enough. 

How do you keep yourself focused on your training when you have a hectic day ahead?

Every day we have the choice to do the easy thing or the right thing!!

It can be difficult for boxers to maintain their focus on training, especially as an amateur if you are working and have other commitments, but I think as long as you maintain a disciplined routine, remind yourself of your long-term goals and go into the session with the right mindset it’s easy to keep that focus. 

Is there any part of your training that isn’t typical for a boxer?

For me, boxing is all about recovery and away from the gym I like to do hot yoga sessions to work on flexibility, whilst also doing steam, sauna, and cryotherapy workouts so my body is fully recovered for my next session 

What’s the hardest part of training for a fight?

For me, the diet is definitely the hardest part of training as you really need to sacrifice your favourite foods in order to make the weight, as someone with a massive sweet tooth this for me is by far the worst aspect of boxing.

How much sleep do you like to get in?

Sleep is vital for recovery and the healing process so I’d usually like to get in 8-9 hours a night. I believe to perform to the best of my abilities I need to feel refreshed and ready for the next day.

What’s going through your mind when you’re boxing?

Although prior to a fight your nervous, when your boxing it’s important to zone in, try to relax and flow, letting everything you’ve practised in training show in the ring, as someone who’s been boxing for a while I’d say for anyone having their first bout try to keep calm and listen to your coaches advice, blocking out any other outside noise, although this will come with experience. 

What’s the ultimate goal you want to achieve?

After becoming the national champion last year I want to build on my successes in 2023 and I would love to break into England set up and fight for my country, but further on in my career, the ultimate goal is to turn professional and fulfil my dream of becoming world champion.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Usually, I enjoy spending my free time relaxing, watching movies, spending time with my family, or seeing my mates and enjoying some downtime to take my mind off work.

Is there anyone from the sports world who inspires you?

Many different athletes from various sports inspire me massively as I believe that mindset and relentlessness to be the best is something I can take into my own sport.

For example, the work ethic of Floyd Mayweather in maintaining complete focus and discipline at the pinnacle of boxing is definitely admirable to me. 

Are your friends and family supportive of you?

My family and friends have definitely been supportive of me, the more time you spend fully dedicated to something you realise who your real friends are and they are the ones who motivate, help and cheer you on whether it be at a fight or outside of boxing. 

Who would you say has been your biggest help and inspiration?

I would definitely say my mum and dad have been the biggest help in my boxing journey fully supporting me with my choice to become a fighter, whether it be taking me to training or cooking meals for my diet plan I appreciate all the time they have invested into me becoming the best I can be.

Also, I’ve been fortunate enough to train around some of the best fighters and coaches in the sport and I’m grateful to have the chance of training in Jamie Moore’s professional gym which in turn has brought my skills and mindset to another level.

What’s your advice to someone starting out boxing?

I’d say for anyone starting out in boxing if you really enjoy the sport, find an amateur gym and give 100% every session, the only way to improve and reach the best of your ability is by being dedicated, consistent and willing to learn every day.

Whether you are looking to pursue a career in boxing or not, I believe the community created at these clubs are bonds that will last a lifetime, everyone is accepting no matter the person, leaving your ego at the door with one common goal of training to become the best you can be.

I’ve noticed personally from when I started my self-esteem and confidence have increased massively, and I think for anyone who struggles with this themselves the boxing club is definitely a great choice.   

What’s next for Alfie Middlemiss

The next step for me is competing in this year’s national championships and hopefully representing my country, but most importantly gain valuable experience for the pro game, 

I have been actively building my social media and followers over the last few years to be able to add value to any future sponsors – For me to be able to continue on the path ahead and give it my all, I’m currently looking for some key sponsors to help support me on this journey and in turn promote there brand and company through my channels. If anyone reading is interested in learning more about the benefits of sponsoring a young athlete please get in touch.  

And is there a message to your supporters?

Just a massive thank you to everyone who’s supported me so far I really appreciate it, the best is yet to come…

All things considered, it’s easy to see why Middlemiss has become such a respected figure within the boxing community nationally.

His dedication to excellence in all aspects of life could make him become one of England’s most successful boxers ever — a feat that many aspiring fighters all aspire to achieve!

It’s certainly going to be very interesting following Alfie’s career over time as he continues striving towards greatness inside and outside of the ring!