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Twelve South Introduces The ActionSleeve 2 For Apple Watch

actionsleeve 2

Twelve South, an innovative Apple accessories designer, introduces the ActionSleeve 2, a fabric armband that makes working out with the Apple Watch even better by giving users the option to wear it wherever it’s most comfortable, not just the wrist.  

The Apple Watch is the most advanced health & fitness device ever, but the wrist is not always the perfect place to wear it.

Sports like kickboxing, weightlifting and crossfit training often require protective sports gear and full wrist mobility that can rule out the use of Apple Watch on the wrist.

The ActionSleeve 2 enables users to position the Apple Watch on the upper arm or bicep where it’s still in view and controllable.

When placed higher on the arm, ActionSleeve 2 ensures that the sensors on the Apple Watch remain in close contact with the body so that users can continue to track their activity via apps such as Apple Fitness+.

Comfortable to wear, the ActionSleeve 2 is made from a hand-washable non-allergenic material that is soft against the skin. Extra fabric is placed beneath the hardware to eliminate any rubbing or pinching.  

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4,5 and 6, the ActionSleeve 2 has a protective frame which helps shield the watch from accidental bumps and scratches. The screen, crown and button remain fully accessible and functional at all times.

ActionSleeve 2 gives users a whole new way to utilise the Apple Watch, beyond the wrist. Whether cycling, playing golf, doing yoga or weights, users will be able to move more naturally without the Apple Watch getting in the way of their workout.

The ActionSleeve 2 is available now for £34.99 from It is available for both the 40mm (fitting arms up to 15in) and 44mm (fitting arms up to 17in) Apple Watches.

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