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The 361 Running Shoe That Goes One Degree Beyond


I’ve been running for the last 18 months and decided it was true to finally treat myself to a pair of running trainers.

I’d never heard of the brand 361 before, but being a newish runner,  and having no brand loyalty I was happy to try a fairly unknown (to me) brand.

The 361-Spire 4 is the flagship neutral running shoe for 361 and was created to deliver ultimate comfort, so as I run about three times a week and have recently been suffering from some ankle pain, which I equated with the demise of my older running trainers thought this could be the shoe for me.

And it’s safe to say after only three weeks after wearing the 361 trainer, I am a convert to the brand. The shoe feels light, yet supportive and feels incredibly comfortable providing a dynamic running experience

The material at the top of the trainer is flexible and light and has a lovely degree of stretch. I could almost compare them to a pair of slippers as they are comfortable and light on the feet.

The inside of the trainer is comfortable and there appears to be a layer of foam, which gives me lots of support when I’m running.  The back of the heel area appears to be quite rigid and tight, but after a few wears I realised that this helped to mould the shoe to my foot and was actually really comfortable.

The design of the shoe is a classic running shoe style with a blue and yellow zig zagged pattern across them.  In comparison to other trainer styles, they are pretty similar.

The trainer I got was in my usual size 8, but unlike most came in a wide fitting which I should add is something I have always struggled to get hold of. This was a great decision as the trainer is really comfortable, but supportive. The shoe is made in China, and unlike some of the more unusual sized products I have bought in the past, these are true to size.

I’ve been running with the trainers for the last three weeks taking them out mainly on the road and park pavements and I can honestly say that they are a perfect shoe for someone who runs a few times a week for 3 – 5 miles on each run.

I am in the process of training for a half marathon, so it will be interesting to see how the trainers fare during training. I would recommend the trainer to anyone as they are incredibly light and comfortable.


Ultimate comfort is the concept behind this top of the range neutral running shoe.

This 4th version now provides even more comfort through new midsole materials and an updated Ortholite insole.

• Upper features a breathable knitted upper with a roomier vamp promoting more ventilation and natural foot movement.
• MORPHIT construction in the mid-foot and  heel to provide a comfortable, secure and supportive environment.
• Pressure Free Tongue is designed to provide comfort and avoid irritation during flexion.
• Ortholite insoles utilize 20% recycled content while still retaining the performance fit and comfort that runners want.
• The QU!K Spine is a carbon fiberglass shank that adds linear integrity to the mid-foot.
• QU!K Flex 4Foot Engineering provides for a natural and balanced toe-off and enhances ground contact for better acceleration.
• QU!K Spring+, an EVA foam designed to provide more rebound and comfort in a lightweight package.
• QU!KFOAM, a midsole material comprised of an EVA rubber blend with PU coating that provides excellent durability, cushioning and responsiveness.

Size: 7-13, 14
Weight: 286g
Drop: 9mm
F/F: 16.2mm
R/F: 25.2mm