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Putting The New 361 Degrees Trainers Through Their Paces

Putting the new 361 Degrees trainers through their paces 1

When presented to trial out new trainer brand 361 Degrees and having never heard of the brand before, I was intrigued to find out more.

Being a regular 5k runner and player of various sports including tennis and badminton I wanted to put the 361 trainers through their paces over the coming weeks.

The 361-Nemesis was created based on popular demand. The need for a classic stable everyday trainer is now fulfilled. A proven-and-tested platform featuring an extended medial post provides a stable and secure feeling.

First impressions after taking hand of the 361’s was that they felt like they were a good quality pair of trainers, the materials gave a feel of being well made and that they felt like they would stand the test of time.

The sole of the shoe is made from foam with harder rubber on the bottom, gives good grip and a nice firm feel without feeling too spongy. The grooves are nicely spaced and there aren’t really any small crevices for stones and other dirt to get stuck into.

On top of the trainer the materials feel very light and breathable and there is a good amount of flexibility and stretch around the toe area which helps them to feel quite roomy but still quite stable and secure. There are no seams or anything rough on the inside meaning there is nothing to rub against your feet and cause any kind of discomfort.

The tongue of the shoe is a bit different from anything I have had before and feels like a neoprene kind of material. I was a bit sceptical at first as the tongue is thinner than you would probably find on other trainers and I was concerned that it might have been a bit flimsy and not given adequate support. However, I actually really like it and it is very comfortable. It isn’t too thick and padded and wraps around the top of your foot nicely giving a nice secure feeling. The anatomical pattern and super soft materials of the tongue effectively removed pressure to my ankle during my run. Thin padding is also positioned to avoid stress to the top of the foot.

Inside the shoe there is a layer of full length quick foam which does feel relatively firm. When running, however, it does seem to give adequate cushioning although this isn’t a thick layer of spongy foam (like memory foam) but then you probably wouldn’t want that in a running trainer anyway.

It feels like a good balance between comfort and stability. The back of the heel also has a bit of stretch in it which helps to mould the trainer to your foot and holds them on nicely.

In terms of the design, I actually really like them. The ones I have are blue with a striped area around the back which stand out nicely without being too loud and garish and they look nice and modern. At the front of the toe there is a rubber surround which will help protect the front part of the shoe. If there is one thing to say about these trainers it is that they feel like they really are going to last.

I am usually a size 11 in shoes so that’s the size I went for. However, these trainers do feel a little bit roomy and I would say they probably come up a whole size bigger than my traditional go to trainer, so definitely for anyone looking to purchase these I would suggest trying them for size before purchasing. Having said that, I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and they do feel like they are moulding to the shape of my feet a bit better than they did when I first started wearing them.

So, the big question – would I recommend these trainers? Yes, I definitely would. If you are looking for a solid workhorse of a trainer that is suitable for running and other sports in general then these are for you. They feel nice and light, breathable, supportive and very durable. If you haven’t tried 361 Degrees before then give them a go, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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