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1Rebel Announces Global Expansion Agreement Into The Middle East


1Rebel and Pulse Fitness have signed an exclusive agreement to expand across the Middle East

1Rebel, one of the most recognized and respected names in the global boutique fitness industry, has announced they have entered into their first international expansion agreement, partnering with Pulse Fitness & Sports Company, a company whose founders have been called the “pioneers of fitness” in the Middle East.

The agreement will see the development of the 1Rebel brand across seven countries: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, and Egypt.

With an organic expansion program already underway (locations are set to open in Australia in 2020), an external partnership agreement was the logical next step for 1Rebel as they look to bring their industry-leading experiential fitness environments to additional key markets.

Since opening their first location in London in 2015 1Rebel has won multiple awards for interior design, programming, and class experience, which has built a strong appetite from partners and consumers from across the world.

The agreement brings 1Rebel together with Pulse Fitness, an organization established in 2018 to grow the boutique fitness segment in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East.

The company was founded by Fahad Al Hagbani and Nathan Clute, both fitness industry veterans, with Al Hagbani having previously founded BodyMasters and Fitness Time, the largest chain of fitness centers in the Middle East with over 150 locations.

“When we looked to enter the Middle East market, and after doing our diligence, we quickly realised that there was only one partner we wanted to work with. 

The Al Hagbani family is, by far, the most experienced operator of fitness facilities in the region,” says James Balfour, co-founder and CEO of 1Rebel.  

“There is a certain comfort in dealing with a team that knows their market and the industry inside-out.  We trust them to be strong custodians of our brand” adds Giles Dean, co-founder.

“There was an instant chemistry between us and the agreement just fell into place as a result” said Clute, co-founder and CEO of Pulse Fitness. 

Al Hagbani, co-founder and Chairman, added that the agreement “truly embodies the spirit of partnership, as it brings together two parties that are the best in their respective areas, with a shared vision and, once combined, an unmatched set of capabilities that will ensure we deliver the best boutique fitness experience in the region.”

The collaboration between 1Rebel and Pulse offers future potential to also expand Pulse’s own boutique fitness brand, MAVERX, outside of the Middle East.

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