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Get Fit In 2023 With Lewis Hamilton’s Diet and Workout Routine


Weight loss journeys can be daunting, battling stubborn weight especially when you may not know what to do. But these diets and workouts are tried and tested and have led to some amazing transformations.  

It’s not just about the aesthetic impact that these routines will have, but the longer-term health benefits on the body and mind that provide the real value in changing your lifestyle. 

Research conducted by online fitness resource Total Shape analysed the routines and diets of some of the world’s most famous celebrities.  

Lewis Hamilton  

Lewis Hamilton has discussed his fitness in many interviews. Being an F1 driver he is subjected to extreme conditions in which he must have enough strength to counteract the forces he experiences when driving at high speeds.

Excess weight can have an impact on the car’s performance and slow it down, therefor he cannot get super bulked or gain lots of muscle. So while he does regular weight training, Lewis makes sure that he doesn’t overdo it.

He focuses on cardio a lot as he needs better cardiovascular muscles during races when the F1 car gets over 190kmph. His heart rate will be consistently reaching highs of 160bpm so he must make sure he is able to cope with it.

He has also mentioned that he takes part in Pilates which keeps his core well-structured and helps Lewis maintain a flexible, lean, and muscular body.

He also trains his core to ensure he can maintain stability when driving and also support his other muscles.

Lewis commented on the physical impacts that racing has on your body in a masterclass talk:

“A Formula One driver, it’s generally an all-round workout when you’re in the car. Your core stability is really at the centre of everything, so having the strength to withstand the body moving side to side, hit flexes and glutes because you’re accelerating with the petals, not heavy but you’re holding intense pressure on the pedal for a long period of time.

And then your neck is where– is probably the one that fatigues the most. Your helmet and your head weigh a lot. It’s about 22 pounds, and obviously, six times that weight through a corner for a sustained period of time is heavy.”

Hamilton has said that he trains his neck separately by laying off an edge of a bench or a bed, and have a helmet that weighs 22 pounds and does weight lifting with his neck in all different directions.


  •   Flat bench press
  •   Incline bench press
  •   Dumbbell press
  •   Cable flyes
  •   Pec flyes
  •   Low cable flyes
  •   Chest dips


  •   Wide grip lat pulldowns
  •   Cable rows
  •   Dumbbell rows
  •   Inverted rows
  •   Bent over rows
  •   T-bar rows
  •   Deadlifts


  • Shoulder press
  • Arnold press
  • Dumbbell lateral raises
  • Cable lateral raises
  • Front raises
  • Shrugs
  • Delt flyes
  • Bent over lateral raises


  •   Biceps isolation curls
  •   Hammer curls
  •   Preacher curls
  •   Concentration curls
  •   Triceps pushdowns
  •   TRX Triceps extension
  •   Overhead press
  •   Triceps dumbbell kickbacks


  •   Squats
  •   Hack squats
  •   Leg press
  •   Lunges
  •   Leg extension to curls
  •   Hip thruster
  •   Hip extension
  •   Calf raises

Workout type: circuit training

  1.   Crunches
  2.   Leg raises
  3.   Russian twist with dumbbell
  4.   Scissor kicks
  5.   Plank twister
  6.   Plank hold
  7.   Side plank to a crunch


Lewis Hamilton converted to veganism a few years ago and to this day still sticks to a vegan diet. He also said that he feels healthier than when he was young and in his 20s due to this diet.

Lewis hasn’t outright said the exact diet that he follows however he has mentioned that he eats foods such as Falafel, Avocado, Beetroot, Fresh fruits as well as giving a general outline of what he might eat in a day.


Avocado on toast or, avocado and fruit with a smoothie.

Lewis said about smoothies:

“I always have smoothies. I love having various smoothies with plant-based protein. I generally have that probably two or three times a day because it’s super quick, super easy, put it in the blender and you can take it with you.”


Salad, plenty of avocados and plenty of vegetables.


Hamilton has mentioned in the past his love for plant-based curries which are a little bit more fattening but taste great.

He will obviously embellish these meals, but they give a good guide as to what he might eat to stay fit and healthy.