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Lewis Hamilton Trains With Mexican Boxing Legend, Julio Cesar Chavez

lewis hamilton boxing

Global sport brand PUMA brought together two outstanding legends, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Mexican boxing champion Julio Cesar Chavez, in Mexico City for an exclusive event to launch the newest colorway of the LQD CELL Tension. The event was filled with influencers, celebrities, VIPs, and media who witnessed the impressive feat.

Lewis Hamilton, 5 times F1 World Champion and PUMA global ambassador, attended the event organized by PUMA where he was able to train hand in hand with one of the most iconic boxing legends in Mexico and the world, winner of ten world titles and considered one of the best ten in boxing history, Julio César Chávez.

Inspark Polanco, one of Mexico’s leading virtual reality venues, was the meeting point for an afternoon full of activities prepared for more than 300 exclusive guests, who tested their physical condition with Lewis Hamilton at the different training circuits, proving that having the right tools to train is very important – that’s where PUMA’s LQD CELL Tension came into play.

LQD CELL is PUMA’s latest performance technology, made out of soft yet sturdy hexagonal cells that compress and work together with proprietary foams to keep you steady while working out. Consumers will experience heightened stability and comfort needed from start to finish for any kick ass workout.

LQD CELL Tension is made for the focused athlete who is always working his way to the top. The rubber outsole provides maximum traction and durability perfect for intense training.

Towards the back of the LQD CELL Tension you will find EVA wrap-ups that provide lateral support while TPU heel clips offer optimal heel stability for the shock absorption needed with strong landings and powerful push offs.

There were several training circuits for guest to try out their new LQD CELL Tension, which were lead by PUMA’s elite trainers. But the most iconic moment was when the F1 World Champion joined the Mexican boxing legend on the boxing ring.

Julio Cesar Chavez showed Lewis Hamilton some of his most impressive jabs and hooks, while testing out how comfortable, stable, and supporting the LQD CELL technology is.