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New Leak Proof Swimwear For Winter Getaways From Modibodi

Modibodi Swimwear

Modibodi®, the renowned global brand in absorbent apparel, proudly introduces its latest innovation, the Soft Stretch Swimwear collection.

This cutting-edge range redefines period-proof swimwear by successfully passing the ultimate test: remaining leak-free even during a wet bum encounter on a pristine white towel.

Crafted from the revolutionary Soft Stretch fabric that seamlessly conforms to the body’s contours, this period swimwear collection incorporates Modibodi’s exclusive patented Swimwear Technology.

Engineered to address a spectrum of concerns, from odour control to managing light to moderate bleeding, spotting, and even light bladder leaks, these swimsuits represent a breakthrough in menstrual technology.

Each design not only emulates the look and feel of your favorite swimwear but also integrates an imperceptible lining capable of absorbing the equivalent of 1-2 tampons.

Employing multiple layers, this innovative design not only locks in leaks but also repels water, making these swimsuits the go-to option for a leak-proof experience during light periods.

Put the efficacy of the collection to the test with the Modibodi White Towel Check:

  1. SWIM: Immerse yourself in the water wearing your Modibodi period swimwear.
  2. SIT: Embrace the confidence to wriggle your butt to dry off without hesitation.
  3. CHECK: Witness the big reveal with assurance – no leaks, no worries.

The Soft Stretch period swimwear collection, available in enhanced styles and shapes, offers an unparalleled combination of style and functionality.

The undeniably comfortable limited-edition colours not only provide extra stretch and support but also ensure you feel at ease where it matters most.

In an exciting development, October 2023 heralds the launch of Modibodi TEEN’s latest limited-edition colours and styles in their best-selling TEEN period swimwear collection.

Stay ahead with Modibodi, where innovation meets comfort, even in the world of swimwear live on the 16th