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wagamama Introduces The Much Anticipated Katsu Curry Mayo And Firecracker Mayo!

wagamama mayo firecracker

wagamama today launches a brand-new collection of mayo products to spice up summer bowls at home.

wagamama has launched the new range of soulful sauces, which are also plant-based, just in time for barbecue season.

And wagamama’s most iconic and loved flavours are now available in a mayo – with the new katsu mayo and firecracker mayo hitting retailer shelves from April 13.

The new mayos expands the wagamama cook-at-home range of sauces and meal kits which was successfully launched last year including the award-winning katsu curry meal kit.

wagamama Global Executive Chef Steve Mangleshot said: “This summer we’ve bottled our iconic flavours and spices to create the perfect condiments to add that wagamama touch to your classic barbeque line-up.

“Mayo is fantastic because you can add it to pretty much anything – burgers, dressings, potato salad, or even spoon it through risotto. It’s a fridge staple and carries big flavour brilliantly, which is why we chose it as the vehicle for our bold katsu and firecracker curry flavours.”

Both mayo’s are perfect for bringing a touch of wagamama magic to any meal. Infuse a katsu or firecracker kick into sandwiches, wraps or hirata steamed buns and level up your mealtime.

As well as packing a flavour punch, wagamama’s katsu mayo and firecracker mayos are both vegan and suitable for plant-based diets.

wagamama katsu mayo and firecracker mayo are launching first into Tesco and will be available at a RRP of £2.25.

The whole retail range was inspired by the overwhelmingly positive fan response to wagamama’s cooking series Wok From Home, which was hosted by wagamama’s Global Executive Chef, Steve Mangelshot.

The show launched on social media in April 2020 just after the start of the first UK lockdown which saw over 10 million wagamama fans cooking katsu curry and other dishes from home and inspired a sense of connection and community during the lockdown.

After seeing the positive impact off the back of Wok From Home, wagamama was inspired to promote the benefits of nourishing your mind and body through cooking and make it easier for people to do so.

Positive eating, and positive living has been a philosophy that the brand has long stood for and this is very much reflected in the new range.

The range of wagamama’s most iconic flavours includes three meal kits (katsu curry, pad thai, chicken ramen), three stir fry sauces (teriyaki, firecracker and pad thai) and two curry pastes (katsu and raisukaree) have already proved a massive success and there are plans to extend the range even further.

 wagamama: our story and our food ‘kaizen’, meaning ‘good change’ is the philosophy that sits right at our heart. It shapes every dish we create and pushes us to find better ways in all that we do. We’re restless spirits, forever creating and making things better.