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Justin Mensinger To Launch Meaningful Mental Health Initiative, “Pieces Of Us” In Reebok Collaboration

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The Reebok Collective, a group organized by Reebok to create an inclusive community of acceptance and belonging, has partnered with decorated upcycle designer Justin Mensinger to advocate for mental health awareness with their “Pieces of Us” limited-edition sweatshirt collection. 

Mensinger, winner of a hit fashion and streetwear design series, created six one-of-a-kind eco-conscious designs that highlight mental health messages and feature repurposed patchwork pieces from the closets of the Reebok Collective’s very own members including Broderick HunterLazarus LynchRichie ShazamAmrit SidhuMaxwell Pearce, and Kendra Oyesana.

The six sweatshirts will be auctioned off on the world’s leading impact marketplace, Charitybuzz, in January with all proceeds going to Reebok’s non-profit partner BOKS, an organization that aims to instill positive physical and mental health practices into every child’s daily routine. 

The holidays can be a rather emotional time for all and, through this initiative, Reebok looks to further its mission to provide inspiration and mental health support to underserved communities.

The Reebok Collective was created to celebrate the stories of individuals who champion and advocate for various causes and platforms.

One common denominator that unites this group is our belief in the importance of individuality and mental health,” said Nicole Adriance, Director, US Brand Activation, Reebok. 

We’re so proud to bring this group and Justin Mensinger together to create an incredibly unique collection that advocates for a topic we all feel passionate about.”

I wanted the pieces in this collection to tie together cohesively but also have their own unique look and feel.

Each piece of clothing that previously held someone’s energy and style came together to create a new story and new garment that someone else can enjoy,” said Justin Mensinger. 

With the inspirational quotes gathered from our Reebok Collective members I was able to add messages that are universal reminders to each of us. I can’t wait for the world to see this collection.”

To launch this collection, the Reebok Collective created a video piece where viewers will be able to watch the unique process the Reebok Collective and Mensinger took to create each striking “Pieces of Us” bespoke item behind-the-scenes. 

The short film will also feature the members of The Reebok Collective who will look to discuss how they believe clothing to be a portal for expression and stress relief. 

The quilted-together nature of Mensinger’s garments are more than just a symbol of the collective’s own closets but also a shared statement that speaks to the importance of movement and well-being.

Truly unique in both concept and execution, Mensinger’s garments are original pieces of art.

While entirely online, the bidding process will work as usual, with the highest bidder claiming the prize and all proceeds raised from the auction going directly to BOKS, along with an additional monetary donation from Reebok to support the BOKS community.

“BOKS was founded on science that shows how big an impact our physical health has on our mental health,” said Kathleen Tullie, founder and executive director of BOKS.

“Kids today have had a uniquely challenging experience and we continue to see a rise in mental health issues due to the pandemic.

If just one kid who is struggling uses BOKS to improve their overall mental and physical wellbeing we’ve done our job.

Partnerships like this allow BOKS to reach more kids across the globe, and for that, we are extremely grateful.”

Be sure to check out the “Pieces of Us” capsule auction on Charitybuzz in January.

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