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JumpGa Creator and Senior Yoga Instructor Wayne Lèal Outperforms Spinning


JUMPGA, the yoga fitness hybrid, is endorsed by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Although designed as a home yoga fitness program, JUMPGA has become the most publicised class at Champneys – the UK’s No1 health spa group, and introduced yoga asana to the most resistant people, including professional boxers and footballers. It incorporates two disciplines: rebounding and yoga.

Champneys Wellness Director, Louise Day says: “I see more fitness choices available than ever before. HIIT or resistance workouts? Calisthenics or spin? Wellness or mindfulness? Group fitness classes have evolved markedly in recent years, and this is reflected in the wide range of group classes we offer.

Champneys Exercisers participated in a random experiment to compare JUMPGA to SPINNING using a ‘Fitbit Blaze’ (a health performance watch and app). The results showed that during the 20-minute cardio component of JUMPGA the Peak Zone (high-intensity exercise zone) level can be as much as five times longer than a Spinning class.

When the then 31-year old former Middle-Weight Boxing Champion of the world, Darren Barker, discovered the root problem of his debilitating injuries was because his fitness training exposed his body to more force than it could withstand, he turned to JUMPGA.  The outcome was a 14-week injury and pain-free training camp that culminated in him becoming the first man in the history of modern boxing to become a World Champion without running, skipping, lifting weights or doing a single sit-up

JumpGa will prove to be the most powerful form of movement: physically, it produces molecular changes in muscle similar to going for a long run and lifting weights, thus it provides the same fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training but in much less time.