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The Juice Plus+ Food Supplement Shake That Works As Hard As You Do

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Juice Plus+ announce the launch of the latest addition to their plant-based nutrition portfolio, Juice Plus+ Perform, a fruit-fusion flavoured food supplement shake designed to support multiple aspects of your fitness regime.

Juice Plus+ Perform is an all-in-one protein performance shake that works as hard as you do. As well as being 100% plant-based, suitable for vegans, gluten and dairy-free, Juice Plus+ Perform contains real, wholefood-based ingredients and provides four key benefits: mental performance, muscle growth, energy production, and bone support to help fitness performance.

The shake contains 25g of soy protein per serving, the only source of vegan protein that gives you the same benefits as animal protein by containing all nine essential amino acids, working together with a unique mix of vitamins, minerals and whole-food-based ingredients.

It is expected to appeal to a wide range of consumers, including both Juice Plus+’s core wellbeing audience and those interested in a more active lifestyle.

Juice Plus+ understands the growing market trends and that people are increasingly looking for food supplements to support their fitness performance, and as a result, the demand for protein-based products has skyrocketed.

Research shows that 80% of supplements consumed by gym-goers are protein supplements, helping to make the most of every workout, run or yoga practice.

Stuart Kronague, CEO of The Juice Plus+ Company commented, “We know that protein shakes are a growing trend in the market, and with so many people now opting for plant-based products, there has never been a better time to launch this amazing new product.

The Juice Plus+ Perform food supplement shake offers a unique mix of plant-based protein, plus vitamins and minerals that support multiple aspects of athletic performance.

We believe it’s the ‘plus’ that makes it more than just a protein shake and is what makes it a perfect addition to the Juice Plus+ portfolio.”

Vanessa Gatelein, Juice Plus+ Health Coach says, “Protein intake and nutrition should be part of a balanced, well-rounded nutritional strategy.

What you eat before, during and after exercise are all equally important as well as the quality of what you are eating or drinking. 

“As an active person, your goal will be to maintain a level of lean muscle mass. For this, you will need adequate protein to support your lifestyle, and a food supplement shake is often the fastest and simplest road to recovery after a particularly strenuous activity such as a long run or an interval session. 

It’s important to prioritise real foods rather than synthetic ingredients. So, when choosing to support your training routine with nutrition, consider a well-rounded food supplement shake for overall performance, such as Juice Plus+ Perform.”

Juice Plus+ Perform can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. For best results, Juice Plus+ Perform is to be taken one hour before or two hours after a workout.

Add two scoops of powder to water and give it a good shake. Whilst the shake tastes good on its own, those looking for a unique fruit-fusion flavour can blend with fresh fruit and vegetables or a plant-based milk for a vegan-friendly smoothie. 

Juice Plus+ Perform is available for an RRP of £72 for 30 servings, or £2.40 a serving, and can be purchased on the Juice Plus+ website