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5 Proven Jet Lag Remedies for Cruise Passengers

sleeping and listening to headphones on airplane long haul flight

Jet lag is a common woe for travellers, but cruise passengers have a secret advantage.

Research from Panache Cruises and Dr Lindsay Browning, a sleep expert at Trouble Sleeping has identified five proven remedies that can help jet-lagged travellers recover quicker and start enjoying their holiday sooner.

Whether you’re cruising on the open seas or embarking on a new adventure, these tips can make a significant difference in combating the effects of jet lag.

1. 24/7 Exposure to Sea Air

Prolonged exposure to sea air has numerous benefits, including improved blood oxygen levels, increased vitamin D absorption, and enhanced breathing, all of which contribute to higher-quality sleep.

Cruise passengers enjoy the advantage of natural exposure to ionized sea air around the clock, whether taking a leisurely stroll on deck during the day or resting in their cabins at night.

2. Soak up the Sunshine at the Right Time

Adjusting to a new time zone can be challenging, especially when travelling eastward.

However, soaking up the sunshine in the morning can aid in adapting to an earlier time zone.

Conversely, exposure to evening light helps travellers adjust to later time zones, particularly after travelling westward.

3. Eat Melatonin

Cruise ships offer a variety of dining options serving healthy food at convenient times, providing passengers with a timely melatonin boost to help reset internal body clocks.

Incorporating melatonin-rich foods such as melons or berries into your diet can further aid in regulating sleep patterns upon arrival.

4. Be Active

Engaging in physical activity can help combat jet lag symptoms. Taking a stroll on deck in the invigorating sea air can increase concentration and provide a much-needed oxygen boost after a long flight.

For more energetic passengers, onboard gyms offer the opportunity to engage in more rigorous exercise routines, helping to clear the mind and stay alert.

5. Relax & Reset

Cruise ships provide the perfect environment for jet-lagged travellers to unwind and recharge.

Whether it’s catching up on sleep or indulging in spa treatments, cruisers have ample opportunities to relax and reset their body clocks to new time zones.

Spa sessions can promote relaxation and prepare the body for restful sleep, ensuring passengers make the most of their vacation.

By following these five proven jet lag remedies, cruise passengers can minimize the negative effects of jet lag and make the most of their holiday experience.

From enjoying the sea air to embracing physical activity and relaxation, cruisers have all the tools they need to beat jet lag and start their vacation on the right foot.