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Huel Turns Up The Heat With Mexican Chilli Added To New

Huel H and S Mexican Chilli 2 scaled

Huel, the world’s fastest growing nutrition brand, releases a third flavour adding to its latest range of Hot & Savoury meals. One serving of Mexican Chilli is nutritionally complete, packed with 24 grams of plant-based protein and provides another tasty meal choice for its health conscious customers. 

Huel launched the Hot & Savoury range in September, and within the first day an impressive 52,000 meals were sold.

The nutritious and delicious lunchtime options have been a huge success with customers describing the new meals as “a game changer.” After initially launching with two flavours – Thai Green Curry and Tomato & Herb, customers were seriously impressed and instantly requested more flavours be added to the menu. 

Luckily Huel was already busy in the kitchen, perfecting the new Mexican Chilli recipe. Using whole foods and natural ingredients, the taste and texture can be described as a delicious vegan chilli con carne.

The recipe achieves a real smoky flavour made with black eyed beans, tomato, pepper, onion and coriander with a good amount of chipotle chilli flakes to give it a kick. 

Huel’s new Hot & Savoury concept aims to redefine convenience food by providing optimum nutrition at an affordable price without chopping, cooking and cleaning up. The new launch is the perfect alternative for those relying on fast-food to avoid communal kitchen spaces at workplaces, while also providing a healthy, easy choice for those at home.

Each 100% vegan meal is around £2.35 and is designed to give the body everything it needs, including the perfect balance of protein, essential fats, carbs and fibre, plus all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. Each pouch contains seven meals based on 400kcal servings, but has the flexibility to be tailored to whatever meal size customers choose. 

Huel is famous for its on-the-go powder food, made with minimal environmental impact. As the world is urged to move towards more sustainable and nutritious food sources in response to the global climate and health crisis, Huel continues to innovate and make nutritious food more accessible and appealing to the masses. 

Huel Co-Founder and Head of Sustainable Nutrition, James Collier commented: It’s been rewarding to see how Huel has changed the lives of so many of our customers with our powdered food.

Now, we’re excited to continue to grow our new Hot & Savoury range and give people more opportunity to consume 100% complete nutrition. It’s eaten with a fork, aiming to appeal to those who may have previously been skeptical about Huel and offer a meal choice that looks more like ‘traditional food’.

Customers are telling us that Hot & Savoury keeps them feeling full, and that’s because it’s made with nutrient-dense quality whole food ingredients with all the good stuff you need to stay healthy.” 

Huel Co-Founder and CMO Julian Hearn added: “We are extremely proud of Huel’s new Hot & Savoury range and we’re pleased to offer yet another flavour requested by customers so quickly. We’re excited to offer more variety in our Hot & Savoury range and make healthy lunches more achievable.

I’m confident Huel Mexican Chilli will fly because it’s a flavour our customers have asked for, plus we’ve received amazing feedback from first testers.” 

Huel Hot & Savoury Mexican Chilli is available now at Customers receive a reusable Huel Pot with their first Hot & Savoury purchase, featuring a lockable lid that is microwave safe – perfect when on the go.

Huel is one of the fastest growing brands in the UK, this year reaching the milestone of 100 million meals sold across 100 countries globally.

As well as Huel Hot & Savoury, Huel offers nutritionally complete meals in powder and ready-to-drink format, making nutrition fast, easy and affordable.