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How To Keep Up With An Exercise And Healthy Eating Routine When You’re Travelling For Work

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It’s great that you have an exercise and healthy eating routine, but if you start travelling for work, it can be challenging to keep up with that routine. You may have to change your ways a little so that you can adapt your healthy habits into your on-the-go life.

To help you get started, check out my following tips.

Understand your Needs

First things first, it’s crucial to understand your unique needs when it comes to energy intake. Remember, different jobs require varied levels of physical activity and thus different caloric requirements.

If you’re in a physically demanding job, you might need more calories than someone working at a desk. For example, a businessman who travels solely to attend meetings will spend far less time on his feet and be less physically active during work hours than a travel nurse.

Thankfully, although nurse positions can be physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding, there are high-paying travel nurse jobs available that recognize the skills and devotion that nurses possess, especially travelling nurses.

Plus, the very nature of travelling can mean you end up being either more active (as you walk to and from places) or less active (because you are stuck on a plane or in a car).

Therefore, if your physical activeness changes due to your new travelling job, make sure you look over your current exercise and healthy eating plan and adjust things like calorie intake based on your individual needs.

Plan Ahead

One secret to maintaining a healthy eating and exercise routine while travelling for work is to plan ahead.

When you face long hours on the road or delayed flight schedules, your regular eating and workout routines can be significantly affected. Therefore, create an adaptable plan for such situations.

For instance, you should pack healthy snacks. That way, you won’t resort to buying fast food due to hunger pangs. Nuts, fruits, yoghurt pots or protein bars are good options.

You could even take the opportunity to exercise while waiting for a delayed train or plane. After all, you can do a few push-ups or go for a brisk walk anywhere.

Make Use of Hotel Amenities

You’ll probably be staying in hotels a lot when travelling for work, so make the most out of their amenities to help you maintain your fitness routine.

Many hotels have gyms where you can follow your exercise routine without any trouble. Also, remember that walking or jogging around the local area can keep you active.

Stay Hydrated

Amid all the business meetings and deadlines, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water helps control hunger pangs, keeps your body functioning at its best, and even aids in digestion. Carry a reusable bottle to remind yourself to drink regularly.

Be Mindful of Dining Out

One of the perks of travelling for work is that you get to explore new restaurants. However, frequently dining out can pose a challenge to your healthy eating routine.

Try selecting meals that are balanced in nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Honestly, it’s not as hard as it sounds!

Make Use of Apps

Fortunately, there are many apps available these days that can help you keep track of your food intake and your exercise routine, such as MyFitnessPal or Couchto5K. Utilising these apps while on the move can make sticking to your health routine far easier than trying to wing it.

Be Flexible with Your Schedule

Lastly, while routines are great, when travelling for work, being overly rigid can lead to frustration. You might not be able to stick to your exact food plan or exercise routine due to unforeseen circumstances.

If that happens, don’t stress out! Just do what is possible and get back on track as soon as you can. The important thing is that you stay in control of exercising regularly and eating healthily.