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A Man’s Guide to Dressing Better

man wearing smart armani suit

It is really easy to find yourself stuck in your comfort zone in regard to your looks. You like what you like, and you stick with it.

Change is difficult, and it can bring about a lot of uneasiness. However, the way that you dress says a lot to the people around you; it is what provides the first impression of you.

It speaks to your character, and it can have a huge impact on you both personally and professionally. If you need some advice on how to dress better, then read on to learn more.

Commit to Making a Change 

It is really easy to say that you are going to make a change, to start dressing better but following through with that commitment can prove challenging. Committing to making the change is the first step.

This might look different for different people. You could clean out your wardrobe and get rid of your old clothes. You could put some money aside to replenish your wardrobe with your new clothes. 

Learn More About What Works for You

Different styles and colours look good on different people. If you want to dress better, then you need to take this into account. Do some research online to find what works for you.

Some people are suited to warmer colours, and some look better in a cooler colour palette. There are styles that can accentuate some features while camouflaging others.

For example, a French tuck is a great way to add some length to your legs which makes it great for shorter men.

You could also look for a style icon, a man with a similar body type to you or with a look that you admire and try to emulate their style.

Make a Plan

When trying to improve your style and dress better, you need to have a plan. First, think about the type of garments that you want to include in your style and how much you are going to spend on them.

Next, do some research and educate yourself on men’s styles. For example, if you want to dress more professionally, then look into those sorts of styles and what you think would work for you and what you can realistically incorporate into your wardrobe.

Finally, consider what would work for you in terms of your preferences and your body type. If you haven’t got the time to shop in person, then check out online retailers; the new range from Orlebar Brown has some great pieces, and they have a great return policy too. 

Root it in Your Personal Style

When trying to dress better, you want to make the transition as comfortable and easy as possible; this means trying to find ways to incorporate your personal style. Make the process more fun and unique to you.

For example, if you love Hawaiian shirts, then find ways to include them in your new wardrobe; finding ones in more muted colours could work or wearing them open over a more casual outfit.

If you have favourite colours, then try to find a few pieces in those colours. You want to still feel like yourself but on a more elevated level.

Adjust Your Mindset

A lot of the time, men resist making improvements to their wardrobe because they don’t think that they can pull off those looks or that they aren’t ‘that type of man’.

This is not the case. You need to adjust your mindset and try to improve the view that you have of yourself. When trying out a new look, it all comes down to confidence.

If you feel comfortable and confident, then you will be able to pull it off; it is really as simple as that. Often, conversations around self-esteem and self-image are female-centric, but men can suffer from these issues too. 

Just Start

The hardest part for a lot of people when committing to a lifestyle change, regardless of what it is, is the getting started.

By putting it off, you are really just prolonging the inevitable, and you might be letting opportunities slip you by in the meantime.

For example, you might find yourself with an important meeting at work or a job interview, and you don’t have anything appropriate to wear for it.

You can start as small as you like; it might be just one single outfit that fits you well and makes you look good. If you don’t have the time or money to overhaul your wardrobe in one go, you can do it incrementally. Just get started.

Transforming your appearance is not the herculean task it first appears to be. Most of the time, the biggest thing that you have to overcome is an unwillingness to change.

This unwillingness might be borne out of stubbornness, hesitation or simply the belief that you can’t wear that or pull it off or whatever.

You need to work to change this mindset, and one of the easiest things that you can do is simply to get started. Commit to dressing better and start to add new pieces into your wardrobe.