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How To Detox In Five Simple Steps


Just the idea of going on a cleanse can be daunting so to overcome any barriers and get on a healthy, sustainable and rejuvenating, whole-body nutritional detox instantly; try our simple 5-Step Express Detox.

You can’t see them, but toxic chemicals surround us – they are in the air, water and on our food. They accumulate in our bodies, sabotage our metabolism and can result in poor health. The good news is you can detoxify and reduce your exposure with a few simple steps.

Your body is built to deal with toxins; that’s how you naturally reduce your blood alcohol after a drink, for example. Throughout your whole body, but especially in your liver, you have enzymes just waiting to eliminate any toxins, and you can support these detox enzymes with nutrition.

Like most processes in your body, you need nutrients to make the magic happen. No surprise then that vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are vital to detoxification.

And you have no doubt heard broccoli and green tea are good for you? Well that’s because like many superfoods they enhance detoxification enzymes, which is why they are so healthful.

Super-charging your daily nutrition (we are talking, REALLY nutritious!) while reducing your exposure to toxins with organic food is a great way to detox, fast. We have developed our 5-Step Express Detox so anybody can start a detox easily and the best part is that its sustainable and super-healthy, so how long you want to do it is entirely up to you.

Before you start: If you suffer constipation, consider a bowel cleanse with natural herbs and fibre. Healthy and regular elimination is important to remove waste from your body. We recommend Linoforce granules, which contain linseed, senna and frangula and are traditionally used for the relief of constipation. Try 1-2 teaspoons each evening before bed for 3-days.

Step 1: Start with a detox smoothie

Move over boring, nutritionally-void cereal, a smoothie packed full of chlorophyll from green-super foods like kale, spinach or spirulina, high antioxidant berries, and high-quality vegan protein is going to cleanse you (chlorophyll), protect you (berries) support your liver (protein) and keep you full till lunchtime (fibre). Feel free to mix it up, but we love these 3 Detox Smoothie Stars:

Super Greens:

1 frozen banana
½ cup of blueberries
1 tablespoon of Organic Raw Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
1 handful of organic spinach or kale
1 scoop of Sun Warrior Blend Vanilla
1-2 cups of water
Clean & Lean:

3-4 dried dates, seeds removed
½ cup of frozen blueberries
1 tablespoon of almond nut butter (or 6 almonds)
1 handful of organic spinach or kale
3 tablespoons of Pulsin Pea Protein
1-2 cups of water
UltraClear Berrylicious:

3 scoops of UltraClear Plus pH
½ cup of mixed frozen berries
1 tablespoon of SunWarrior Raw Organic Ormus Supergreens
1-2 cups of oat, rice or almond milk
Step 2: Pack your snacks (and some delicious teas)

To make sure you keep it clean and don’t get caught out during the day; pack some easy, tasty and natural snacks like a small pack of almonds, some fresh fruit, or a Bounce ball. And find some herbal teas you love and take them too – they will help you go easy on the caffeine and are bursting with phytonutrients.

Step 3: Keep lunch green and lean

As a simple guide, keep your lunch “green and lean.” “Green” because most of your lunch should be fresh or lightly cooked vegetables, especially greens like beans, broccoli or salad. And “Lean” because lean protein, such as tofu, salmon or free-range chicken breast to complement your vegetables will keep you nourished and feeling satisfied. If you need carbs, add ½ a cup of cooked brown rice or a small sweet potato.

Step 4: Nourishing traditions for dinner

There is a reason traditional warm, nourishing soups, stews and broths make you feel good; they are packed full of nutrients, retain all the minerals in the cooking water, and are easy to digest taking stress off your digestive system.

We recommend making some vegetable soup you love from scratch with organic stock. Use organic vegetables, and if it takes your fancy add a small amount of organic meat slow cooked on the bone to release more nutrients and flavour.

Step 5: Reclaim your evenings

Here comes the best part of the detox; an emotional and technology detox before a good nights rest and rejuvenation. Set a time in the evening (e.g. 7 pm) where you switch off or turn on silent all your electronic devices – including your television – and engage in about 2-4 hours of relaxation before getting an early night.

Try dimming your lights, a warm bath with epsom salts and essential oils, quiet conversation, reading a relaxing book (no eReaders), light yoga, meditation, listening to relaxing music or swapping a massage.