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Shoes And Extreme Sports: How To Always Make The Right Choice

skateboarders shoes

Extreme sports come in various forms, all of which are guaranteed to get your adrenaline running.

If taking risks is your thing, one area you don’t want to overlook is selecting the right footwear for your chosen sport.

Rock or Mountain Climbing

Without a doubt, rock climbing is pretty high up on the list of extreme sports.

The higher you go, the greater the risk. It’s one where you need to have the right equipment, especially footwear.

There are many different types of climbing shoes and boots available and it’s recommended that you should something lightweight, comfortable, and waterproof. A decent pair of trail running shoes are often your best bet. 


One level up from rock or mountain climbing is bouldering.

This exciting sport can be practised in safer indoor environments, but take it outdoors with heights of up to 20ft and you’ve got another seriously extreme and intense sport.

Good quality climbing shoes are essential for safety and also allow you to reach your full potential. These shoes are tight-fitting and usually have a thin rubber sole to guarantee maximum grip.  


You might be surprised to hear that skateboarding is one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

Your feet need to be in sync with your skateboard and this means that you need a relatively slim sole that is sensitive to the movement of the board.

This way you’ll get a warning if something’s about to go wrong and you’ll be able to practice your tricks more freely and confidently.

To maintain your sleek skater style, opt for a pair of thin-soled leather sneakers. 


Maybe you’ve heard of a relatively new and increasingly popular extreme sport called Parkour. But what is it exactly?

It actually originated in France in the 1980s and involves running, jumping, or rolling through many different obstacles.

Needless to say, it can be rather treacherous and even deadly so the correct shoes are a must. You need a specially designed flight shoe for maximum grip, with a tight but comfortable fit.

Whatever obstacles you’re up against, don’t let your shoes get in the way.

Cycling or Mountain biking 

Although this may not sound like an extreme sport at first, you might think again if you consider the many dangers of both on and off-road cycling in various weather conditions.

Whether you’re ready to take on a challenging track or you’re simply setting out on a relaxing route, a professional cycling shoe is always a wise choice and will help you get the power from your feet to the pedals.

Depending on which season you want to cycle, a different material is recommended.

A well-ventilated, breathable fabric is best for the summer and a waterproof shoe with good insulation is key for the winter. 

We hope this list helps you decide on the appropriate footwear for your next extreme challenge.

When buying new shoes for any activity, one final tip to consider is the importance of testing them out and wearing them in slightly before you embark on your adventure.

This way you’ll be absolutely sure they’re the right fit and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Of course, we’ve mentioned just a few of the many different extreme and adventure sports that you can try, there are also many others such as surfing, snowboarding, and skiing to name a few.

If you want to learn more about these sports and get inspiration on where you can try them, then check out this helpful Lonely Planet guide