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How Do Formula 1 Teams Get Around The World In 2023?

Race Start at Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2019

With a jam-packed schedule of 23 races in 20 different countries, the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship is another globe-hopping feast of motorsport action.

Red Bull star Max Verstappen is in search of a third straight Drivers’ Championship, while an old title-winner is back, with Fernando Alonso replacing the retired Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin.

The popularity of Formula 1 shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. With record attendance figures of 5.7 million in 2022, an increase of 36% from 2019, passion for the pinnacle of motorsport remains as fierce as ever. 

F1 around the globe

The F1 calendar has shown strong growth over recent years and this year’s 23 races is a new record for the most in a season, despite the cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix.

Asian swings feature on the calendar, as well as traditional trips across Europe in the northern hemisphere’s summer months and late-season journeys across the Americas. 

From Sao Paulo to Saudi Arabia and Australia to Azerbaijan (not forgetting the highly anticipated debut of the Las Vegas Grand Prix and the return of Qatar), F1 drivers won’t just be making laps around the tracks, but around the globe too.

Formula 1 teams travel around the world by air, using chartered flights to transport their personnel and equipment between races. The teams typically use large cargo planes to transport the cars, spare parts, tools, and other equipment necessary to compete in a race.

The logistics of moving an entire Formula 1 team, including cars, drivers, engineers, and support staff, from one location to another can be quite complex.

Each team has a dedicated logistics department that is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the team’s travel, including flights, accommodation, and ground transportation. Therefore, it is unsurprising that travel partnerships are formed. 

Ferrari expands its longstanding relationship with VistaJet

The 2023 season has seen VistaJet proudly celebrates its fifth year as Scuderia Ferrari’s travel partner.

It is no secret that the life of an F1 driver is extremely demanding, and so this partnership supports the Ferrari drivers by optimizing their travel and transfer times.

This is something that all teams must consider in order to utilize time off the track. Not only this, the efficiency of flying so safely and seamlessly allows the team to reach the high-performance standard needed. 

This partnership has seen VistaJet support Ferrari’s drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz with travelling to and from racetracks while having the company logo displayed on cars, kits, and helmets driven by the pair. 

Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari’s CEO commented “The partnership with VistaJet means team personnel can fly to airports very close to the race venues and benefit from personalized take-off slots, an important factor that can translate into a competitive edge on track.”

In addition to this longstanding partnership, a new collaboration has also been unveiled between VistaJet and Ferrari in its 499P Hypercar. 

All Ferrari drivers participating in international GT races are fortunate enough to enjoy access to a Vista Members’ fleet of over 360 aircraft, including the bombardier global 6000, as a result of this partnership. 

The teams also work closely with local customs and immigration authorities to ensure that their equipment clears customs quickly and efficiently.

Once the team arrives at a race venue, they set up their garages and begin preparing for the race, which typically takes place over the course of a weekend.

Overall, the travel logistics involved in Formula 1 racing are a critical aspect of the sport, and teams devote significant resources to ensure that their personnel and equipment are transported safely and efficiently around the world.